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Watch Someone Play an ‘Akira’ Nintendo Game Boy Prototype!



Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 Akira Manga was seminal in my development as a movie fan, which probably began with my obsession of hand-animated feature films. Akira is eye candy like we’ve never seen before, and will probably never see again. Even as a pre-teen I was obsessed with the film, destroying my VHS copy with multiple plays, and sharing it with whomever I could get to watch (it was easier with the dub than with the latter subs).

What I was also obsessed with was Nintendo’s Game Boy, which I was glued to on every single road trip for as long as the batteries would last. To be entertained away from home, on a long car ride or flight, was magic, and something we take for granted nowadays. I had every game, at least I thought…

In a recent discovery, Nintendo was allegedly in development on an “Akira” Game Boy game, which was in the prototype phase. There’s video evidence – including a play-through of most of the game, with a boss battle at the end – that is making me turn to JELL-O. The player would portray Kaneda, leader of the capsule motorbike game, riding his bike and kicking ass through the streets of Neo-Tokyo.

The kicker? You could have also played as Tetsuo, cape and all! What do you guys think?!


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