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Want to See How They Developed “Resident Evil VII: Biohazard”?!

We get to see how they make movies all the time, but it’s especially interesting to see what goes into creating a video game.

This new video uncovers the secrets behind the development of the excellent “Resident Evil VII: Biohazard” (read our review), the multi-million selling latest entry in the hit survival horror series.

Go behind-the-scenes at Capcom’s Osaka headquarters and hear from key development personnel as they explore the origins of 2017’s scariest experience.

The video reveals that development began in January of 2014, which means there’s about a three year window between the start of production and release. This also means we shouldn’t expect another “Resident Evil” until at least 2020, unless of course they’ve already been working on a follow up in secret over the past year.

“Biohazard” is easily one of the best survival games I’ve ever played, and I’ve yet to even experience it in VR. The gameplay is flawless, the set designs are like the best of any Halloween maze, and the story is epic, proving once again that a game should be as engaging as a Hollywood blockbuster. The developers talk about attempting to make a “horror” version of “Resident Evil”, which I think they captured in spades; the initial story is absolutely frightening, with an immense amount of scares that had me walking at a snails pace from room to room. Albeit, once the backstory is revealed, it removes the element of horror and finds itself back in an Umbrella-like world. Either way, fans of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blair Witch or even V/H/S will love the new spin on “Resident Evil”.

Make sure you turn on the English-subs while watching the video and keep your eyes peeled here for Part 2 when it’s shared.

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