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[Video] Here’s Every Jason Unmasked from “Friday the 13th: The Game”

Well, all except NES Jason, which was just added TODAY!

In the past couple weeks, I’ve logged an estimated 24 hours playing Gun Media and Illfonic’s Friday the 13th: The Game, but there are still a handful of things that I’ve never been able to accomplish within it. One of the big ones is killing Jason Voorhees, which is no easy task… nor should it be.

As the tutorial linked above shows, knocking Jason’s mask off is one of the steps you must be complete before killing him, and in order to achieve that goal you (and your fellow counselors) have to whack him several times with a weapon – if you pull it off, be sure to pick up Jason’s mask and add it to your inventory, as you’ll unlock a trophy and will also be able to pick up Mrs. Voorhees’ sweater (another step you must complete to slay the beast) without Jason detecting that you’re in his cabin!

But I digress. I’ve played countless matches and have never once seen any version of Jason unmasked within the game, which leads me to believe that I’m far from alone on that one. So what does each Jason look like without the mask? A new video from YouTuber Paul Phoenix, who is clearly better at the game than I am, unmasks them all for a montage of gameplay footage that should scratch your own itch to unmask Jason.

Check it out below!



  • Tor from Yucca Flats

    still bugging me no Ted White, they had Savini on board even.. how could that slip through?

    • Flu-Like Symptoms

      Gun conducted a public vote for which Jasons would make the game. Ted’s likeness just missed the cut (much to my chagrin). Hope to see him as DLC. Would happily pay $4.99 or whatever.

      • Tor from Yucca Flats

        they should do kick starter to put him in, ssad to miss that one out.

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