New Video Takes You Deep into 'DOOM VFR' - Bloody Disgusting
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New Video Takes You Deep into ‘DOOM VFR’



Guns. Demons. Speed.

One of the most popular horror games of all time enters the virtual reality arena with id Software’s forthcoming DOOM VFR, revealed earlier this year at E3. The developers are on hand at this week’s Gamescom, where they revealed more about the game.

The company’s Marty Stratton detailed the concept…

You play as a scientist, Dr. Peters, who is part of the BFG program,” Stratton explained. “The game starts [at the research facility]… being killed as Dr. Peters… and having your consciousness transferred to their backup computer system. Through the course of the game you get to transfer that consciousness to different computer systems and technical vehicles.”

He added, Most of the game is still about combat. That’s what Doom is all about.”

Find out how the team at id Software is bringing DOOM to virtual reality in the below video, with new gameplay footage and insights straight from the developers.

DOOM VFR is coming to PlayStation VR and VIVE platforms.


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