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New ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Content on Friday the 13th; Jarvis Map and New Character!

How is Friday the 13th: The Game celebrating Friday the 13th, you ask?’

Not only are Gun Media and Illfonic unleashing the physical copy of Friday the 13th: The Game on Friday, October 13, but they’ve also just announced this morning that the recently teased Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter map is coming on that very same date!

The new map includes North Crystal Lake and the Jarvis house residence, and The Final Chapter‘s iteration of Jason Voorhees is coming along with it.

Additionally, it looks like Friday the 13th Part 3 character Chuck (re-named Mitch Floyd) will be added as a playable counselor on October 13!

To top it all off, Friday the 13th weekend will be a Double XP weekend!



  • RiseCowthulhu

    bahahahaha original post gone.

    • RiseCowthulhu

      So here’s a G rated version. The games doody. Community toxic. Better titles literally filling the next few months.

      • Kori Batchelor

        Agreed 100%. Really REALLY wanted to love this game but, yeah, the toxicity is off the charts.
        Many may disagree, but I absolutely love Dead by Daylight. Better perks (killer & survivor), fun killers to play as and against, and just a more streamlined playing experience.

        • RiseCowthulhu

          Oh, I agree with you. Dead by Daylight is a much better horror game. You can find jerk killers who face camp (not just lingering around hooks but body blocking them). But there are just as many decent folks and the tension the game can create with the terror radius mechanic, trying to nail those skill checks, dodging the killer when he finds you, etc, is really impressive. It was super eerie at one point (jut yesterday) when I hid behind a tree on a Redwood map and saw the Wraith uncloak in the distance to chase down a guy working a gen. Plus, with the perks, you can really create your own play style for each killer — or survivor.

          There are no scares or tension in F13. Just a guy as Jason taunting you over the mic while counselors yell back racial slurs or obscenities.

          • Kori Batchelor

            Tension…perfect word for a good Dead by Daylight round. The game, at times, can make me genuinely nervous, sweaty palms and all. But, yeah, face camps and shitty teammates can sometimes ruin the experience. I’m a survivor main, so I guess I’m hooked (no pun intended) on that sweet adrenaline rush the game gives me. You on PC or PS4? Always looking for like minded players to team up with.
            PS4 here.

          • RiseCowthulhu

            Xbox, sorry. Staying with the brand. Wife pre-ordered the X for me and our son for Christmas. But I’m with you. The game’s addicting, especially now that the console versions seem patched up.

          • Weresmurf

            One of my biggest issues with F13, is Jason himself should be muted. The player using him shouldn’t be able to talk to anyone. Ah well.

  • Eastman420

    Lol Chuck come with a bong!?!? Be nice getting that new map.

  • The Dark One

    I still have yet to get this game lmao

    • baronterror

      me too but it’s only because I am broke and have not had a computer good enough to play games on for at least a decade now. This game alone (as the Uber F13 fan) is everything I ever wanted and it is making me figure out how to afford the hardware just to be able to play it.

      • Adam Paquette

        Dude, get a used PS4. It’s a couple hundred bucks. This game is only $40. Save up some money if you have to, it’s worth it!! This game is amazing! Especially if you’re an uber F13th fan, like I am)

        • baronterror

          A few years ago (more than a few actually) I decided to get out of the console wars. It just seemed to me, the type of gamer I am, that each new iteration was not really necessary, especially for the inflated price, and that the games they have were not for me. The most recent one I have is 360 and I have not particularly cared for PS since 2, though i know a friend is just going to give me his 3 this christmas. Since I have been out of consoles for so long I didnt know that the console experience was as good as the PC. It was my experience that the computer version was always better than the console version, with a few exceptions. Since you suggested it, I think I am going to at least look into it because I do prefer a hardcopy and also playability offline, and if/when a single player version comes out at least I know I’ll be able to play it again in the future like I do all my old games.

  • I’m assuming the character was renamed due to rights issues? Or perhaps they want to maintain that you play as random counselors, rather than specific characters.

    • Khy

      I think it’s to avoid rights.
      Chris is basically in the game as “Jenny Meyers”. A.J. Mason is basically Violet.

      The Friday The 13th characters are archetypes so they can easily use those same archetypes but with minor differences and names as to not get in trouble. Nobody owns the hippy archetype so there goes Chuck reimagined as Mitch haha.

      I know they wanted to actually try to contact take Gloria Charles family so they can get their permission to use her image for the character of Fox as a tribute, but if they can’t they can always just make a similar character that could be inspired by Gloria/Fox.

  • Jake

    this update has single player, right? I was the dumbass who bought in July, only to be able to play it for one night on stream before free stream expired.

    • Justin McGill

      No. It’s been delayed until.. probably Nov/Dec. It hasn’t been made clear yet.

  • Khy

    I really can’t wait until Single player finally releases. Guess I’ll have to wait for the Holidays.
    I hope it’s worth the wait.

    • I’m looking forward to single player as well, but I read that in SP you can only play as Jason. I’m pretty sure that’s what the Devs said.

      • Khy

        Oh man that sucks! I hate that limitation 🙁

        Thanks for telling me!

  • Rohan

    There is a new emote pack, and will include probably be the best thing to ever come out for the game: the Crispin Glover dance.

  • Patrick Curley

    A lot of content for a free update, I think the player base deserves it, I’m still playing and I’m excited for the content drop.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    A friend of mine and casual Friday fan said to me the other day: “There’s a new character from the movies coming to the game. I’ll give you a hint; ‘Mitch’.” I said “Mitch……Mitch?? Who the f*ck is Mitch???” Saw the pic and was like “Oh, it’s Chuck. Nice?” Might as well have reimagined his name as Tommy Ching or something. All too ready for part 4 Jason.

    • Scooter Rivard

      i just got slaughtered by part 4 jason 3 times in a row. savage is the name of the game with him, even moreso than usual.

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