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New ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Content on Friday the 13th; Jarvis Map and New Character!

How is Friday the 13th: The Game celebrating Friday the 13th, you ask?’

Not only are Gun Media and Illfonic unleashing the physical copy of Friday the 13th: The Game on Friday, October 13, but they’ve also just announced this morning that the recently teased Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter map is coming on that very same date!

The new map includes North Crystal Lake and the Jarvis house residence, and The Final Chapter‘s iteration of Jason Voorhees is coming along with it.

Additionally, it looks like Friday the 13th Part 3 character Chuck (re-named Mitch Floyd) will be added as a playable counselor on October 13!

To top it all off, Friday the 13th weekend will be a Double XP weekend!




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