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“The Exorcist: Legion VR” is Canon With ‘The Exorcist III’!

From the franchise that brought you the scariest film of all time and the team that brought you UploadVR’s “Best Horror Game of 2016” comes what promises to be the most terrifying virtual reality experience yet, The Exorcist: Legion VR.

In development for the past year, this episodic horror adventure will allow users to actively participate in a variety of increasingly disturbing exorcisms as the plot unfolds across five unique chapters. It will take you around the globe as you discover multiple tools to use in your encounters with ancient supernatural entities.

Based on the events in The Exorcist III, Chapters 1 & 2 will launch simultaneously November 22, 2017, on all major headsets (Vive, Oculus and Playstation VR), with three additional chapters following closely behind. “Playtime” for each chapter will vary, but the average is approximately 20-25 minutes.

Head over to The Exorcist: Legion VR‘s official website for more information.

The Legion has come! A variety of demons have returned to our world just as Pazuzu (the main demon from The Exorcist franchise) promised. Follow in the shoes of a detective in Chapter 1 as they uncover strange details behind the grisly murder of a priest. Each subsequent Chapter takes the player further in the journey as they assume the role of a detective investigating the demonic entities lurking in the shadows, culminating in a satisfying ending for any fan of the franchise.

  • Five stand-alone episodic chapters that come together for a truly cinematic end.
  • Don’t just play the movies, live a whole new story experience in full VR!
  • Step into the shoes of an exorcist to confront ancient forces of evil when everything is at stake!
  • Discover an intricate story filled with mystery and peril.
  • Choose between HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets via SteamVR or purchase directly from the Oculus Store for an experience unlike any other. 
  • Switch between both free roam and teleport locomotion to have full control over your experience.
  • Play using room scale, standing, or even seated.
  • Utilize a menu consisting of a cellphone, an exorcism kit, among other important items found during the journey.
  • Unique items found throughout the stories are collected in your evidence room to be evaluated at a later time.
  • Chapters can be replayed at any time, enabling users to discover hidden story content, special achievements and easter eggs.
  • Chapter 1 and 2 will be out for PCs concurrently on November 22nd on Oculus Store and SteamVR, with a later release on Viveport and Playstation Network Store.

“This franchise deserves to be done right and the only way to have a truly definitive experience for such a story is in virtual reality,” said Douglas Nabors, CEO of Fun Train. “Playing a non-VR horror game is one thing when you’re safely behind a monitor. But, when you’re living the horror up close and personal, The Exorcist: Legion VR will resonate with you for years to come.”



  • Saturn

    So I’m not a gamer at all (I was back in the day, but that was 20 years or so back) but with this, and the Friday The 13th game, I’m really tempted to get back into gaming again.
    Damn you horror games!

    • JoeInTheBox

      I’m super envious, of the backlog of amazing horror games you can get to enjoy for the first time, should you take the plunge back.

      • Saturn

        Suggestions would be much appreciated.
        Thanks in advance.

        • JoeInTheBox

          In no particular order:

          -Silent Hill 1, 2, 3(later games had their ups and downs, but the first 3 are classic, especially 1)
          -Resident Evil(there are so many but you want the HD remakes and updates of the first ones and especially 4 and currently 7)
          -Dead Space(The whole series is solid, but 3 is more action than horror at this point)
          -Manhunt 1 and 2
          -Eternal Darkness
          -Bioshock 1 and 2
          -Amnesia 1 and 2
          -P.T.(this may be impossible to get at this point unless you have a friend with a PS4 that has never deleted it off their system)
          -Until Dawn
          -Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly
          -F.E.A.R(solid trilogy, but like Dead Space focuses more on action and less on horror as it goes along)
          -Alan Wake

          Those are a good start. There are other, more niche/action-y titles like Dead Island and Left 4 Dead. Depends on the kinds of gameplay you’re into.

          • Saturn

            Thanks for the list, I’ll check out my local used store and see if I can pick any of them up (they have PS3 games from as little as a quid, usually though they are about 2-3 quid per game, which is solid enough).

          • If you’re at all into zombies–try Dying Light. I’m not a huge gamer, but it really felt like playing a very long movie with lots of things to do in it. It’s also been out long enough that you should probably be able to find even a brand new edition of it for a fairly low price.

    • J Jett

      Saturn, i think you and i are the only people left on the planet who really aren’t gamers. i can barely work the gamepad/joystick thingy. lol. when i was growing up it was (yes, i’m old. lol) Frogger (i loved that game!), Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man, Q-bert, Atari’s Space Invaders (yes, i’m VERY old). 🙂

      • Saturn

        The last time I was a serious gamer would have been in the mid 90’s with my Amiga – so it’s been a while.
        I guess we’re both VERY old!

  • The Exorcist III was based on the novel titled Legion, so that was probably the biggest hint that this would be tied to that story.

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