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Dio’s “Holy Diver” Gets All Sexy And Jazzy

While I will always be willing to state that Ronnie James Dio has an astounding voice, I never really thought of him as a jazz singer. Well, with the power of the internet and a few hours of spare time (probably a lot more than that) my imagination can take a break and I can just listen to some sweet, jazzy tunage with my devil horns still firmly planted high in the sky.

Hear Dio’s “Holy Diver” get jazzed up below.



  • lion7718

    Video removed…

    • Just updated with the newly uploaded video. The user had it removed because of some issues with the video that he updated.

  • Taboo

    Awesome! Dio is the shit

  • huntermc

    I love Andy Rehfeldt’s genre-shifting remakes. My favorite is his “smooth jazz” version of Lamb of God’s “Set To Fail.”

    • The guy does some amazing, amazing remakes. They’re almost always huge amounts of fun!

    • Thats fuckin cool, never heard that before, cheers mate.

  • thaphantom

    This is classic lol

  • thaphantom

    This is classic lol

  • skratchy

    Okay, this is way funnier than I thought it would be XD

  • I hate to admit it, but it sounds really good!

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