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[TV] Next On “Bates Motel”: Episode 2.09, “The Box” Promo

Bates Motel

Man, can Norman catch a break?

The writers of A&E’s “Bates Motel” continue to make Norman Bates’ life miserable, this time having him kidnapped from mother.

There are only two episodes left in season 2, with next Monday’s episode 2.09, “The Box”, beginning when “Norma (Vera Farmiga) tries to connect with Norman (Freddie Highmore). Dylan (Max Thieriot) must decide if he should risk his life to save a loved one.

Meanwhile, Romero (Nestor Carbonell) turns to a former colleague for help.



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  • Jake W.

    Last night’s episode was the best yet. I was tense through the whole thing.

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