'Breakaway' Trailer Gets Kidnapped and Locked In - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Breakaway’ Trailer Gets Kidnapped and Locked In

An indie version of Oldboy?

Another Cannes feature premiering at the market/festival is Bryan Binder’s directorial debut Breakaway, featuring Erika Hoveland, Tiren Jhames, Daniel Usaj and Marisa Ruby.

In the Oldboy-esque indie thriller, “Emily Burns is being held captive in a room with no idea as to why or how she got there. Determined to escape and return to her daughter and husband, Emily discovers clues within the room that help explain what she’s doing there. They even provide clues about who she is…but will they help her escape?

Check out the Cannes sales art and trailer below!

  • horrorking95

    It looks like a poorly acted Saw-esque thriller. Yet I’m still intrigued.

  • Jake W.

    Oldboy was garbage, and I don’t see this being much better