New 'Mr. Jones' Clip is Breaking Up - Bloody Disgusting!

New ‘Mr. Jones’ Clip is Breaking Up

Mr Jones
In this new clip from Anchor Bay’s Mr. Jones, hitting Blu-ray and DVD on May 6th, cameras catch some horror while snooping around a house.

Having premiered at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in 2013, Mr. Jones will also have an exclusive Los Angeles limited theatrical engagement beginning May 2nd.

Scott (Jon Foster) and Penny (Sarah Jones) just moved to a remote cabin to escape the pressures of the world and breathe new life into their art. But they’ll soon discover they are not alone: an infamously reclusive artist – known only as ‘Mr. Jones’ – lives nearby. He doesn’t like to be disturbed, and only comes out at night when he drags his strange, sinister sculptures deep into the woods. When Scott and Penny’s curiosity leads them too close for Mr. Jones’ comfort, he plunges the young couple into a nightmare world of mayhem, madness and mind-bending terror.

Diane Neal (“Law & Order: SVU”), Mark Steger (I Am Legend) and David Clennon (John Carpenter’s The Thing) co-star in this startling tale from debut director Karl Mueller (screenwriter of Xavier Gens’ The Divide).

  • Zahk Scott

    This movie started out well and has some very memorable scenes, but really fell off a cliff near the midway point and just spiraled into incoherent nonsense. It’s like Blair Witch meets Insidious. . . but in a strange way.