Starbomb Gets A Fun, Spooky "Crasher-Vania" Fan Video - Bloody Disgusting
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Starbomb Gets A Fun, Spooky “Crasher-Vania” Fan Video



It’s safe to say that Game Grumps is one of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube, not because of the games they play but rather for the dialogue and barbs shot between the main stars, Arin and Danny. So when the two put out a video game-themed rap album, Starbomb, fans flocked to it in droves, not only buying the album but also contributing to the community by putting together their own music videos for the tracks.

Below is one such video that takes the Castlevania-themed song “Crasher-Vania” and gives it a spooky cartoony clip that was done by YouTuber Cas van de Pol.

You can snag Starbomb via here.


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