[TV] Next On “Hannibal”: Episode 2.11, 'Ko No Mono' Promo - Bloody Disgusting
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[TV] Next On “Hannibal”: Episode 2.11, ‘Ko No Mono’ Promo



Crossing boundaries is different than violating them.” – Hannibal

It’s tough to catch a show Friday night. It’s Friday, and the NBA Playoffs are in full swing. Thankfully, I woke up too damn early this a.m. and decided to watch a little “Hannibal”.

As I stated on Twitter, unlike “Bates Motel,” NBC’s “Hannibal” makes you want to watch the accompanying films and pretend they’re in the same universe. This is such a remarkable feat.

I continue to have my mind blown and can’t even believe there are still three episodes left! Next Friday, Will continues to develop his dangerous relationship with Hannibal Lecter.

Below is the promo for Episode 2.11, ‘Ko No Mon’, in which “Jack and his team discover the truth of Freddie Lounds’ disappearance; Will tells Alana to arm herself; Mason suspects his sister intends to usurp him; Hannibal shows Will how much Abigail reminded him of his sister.