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Destiny Potato Release New Track “Addict”

Serbian tech-metal band Destiny Potato has released a stream of the final track from their upcoming album Lun, which comes out next Tuesday. The track is the second single from the album, the first being “Love Song” (check it out here).

I’m really enjoying a lot of the bands that are appearing in this genre, especially those who add in something different, something unique. On top of using female vocals, this track also adds in Middle Eastern elements. It’s a damn fun track, so get below and blast it!

Lun tracklist:
1. The Build Up
2. Indifferent
3. Take A Picture
4. Machine
5. Love Song
6. Lunatic
7. Walls Of Thoughts
8. Blue Sun
9. U.Y.M.
10. Lost Dream
11. House Of Lies.
12. Addict




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