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Allegaeon Releases A Brilliantly Hilarious And Scathing Music Video For “1.618”

Tech metal band Allegaeon have released a fantastic music video for their track “1.618”, which comes from their upcoming album Elements Of The Infinite (pre-order here). Directed by Deja Low and Lance Rohr, the video shows the band trying out different metal subgenres in an effort to try and find what they are most comfortable in.

I found the video to be pretty hilarious (those coy viking looks) but at the same time incredibly scathing as it blasts those who feel that need to classify and categorize everything out there. At some point, it’s in their best interest to simply shut the f*ck up and enjoy bands for what they offer: music.

Check out the video below.

Guitarist Greg Burgess comments on “1.618”:

“The 1.618 video is quite a departure from what Allegaeon has done in the past. For our music, lyrically speaking; it’s been really hard for us to come up with story lines to capture what Ezra was singing about. So in the end we always ended up just having performance videos. This video is more like us hanging out and having fun, a reflection of our personalities, and well… poking fun at ourselves for the lack of success we’ve had with the music video medium.”

Ezra Haynes comments on the song lyrics:

“1.618 is also known as The Golden Ratio. This impossible to avoid number occurs in nature, music, design and architecture. It’s a fun subject to research because it is literally everywhere.”



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