Use This To Sleep Peacefully...Or Have Horrible Nightmares - Bloody Disgusting!

Use This To Sleep Peacefully…Or Have Horrible Nightmares


The word “music” is a pretty broad term that can spark huge debates such as, “What is music?” and “What can we define as something being ‘musical’?” While there are people who contend that music is something that we, as humans, create there are others that find music in the natural sounds that occur all around them. But some sounds escape our frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, such as the high-pitched echolocation calls of bats or the chirps and calls of insects.

That’s where artist Jana Winderen and her piece “Out Of Range” comes in. Using recordings of these sounds (recorded with super high tech microphones) and then slowed down dramatically, she put together a 40-minute piece that mixes audible and inaudible sounds from around the world into a cohesive piece that is both hypnotically relaxing and highly unsettling.

All sound is invisible; ultrasound is inaudible. Of course, many species have a greater range of hearing than us humans and also more specific and specialised with complex combinations of the different senses…; Creatures on both land and under water produce and/or perceive very high sound frequencies. Some species of insects, birds, fish, and mammals can emit and hear ultrasound, used for communications, hunting and orientation. These creatures operate on a different level of perception to us, in an inaudible range above 20kHz…

Head below to listen to the track and then, if you enjoyed it, you can purchase the track here.