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Fan-Made ‘Akira’ Trailer Looks Incredible

While we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait for Hollywood to get off their rears and actually move forward with the long gestating live-action Akira remake, a group of fans have taken it upon themselves to create a crowd-sourced trailer where they would have a, “…chance to stick as close to the source material as possible. A chance to do Akira justice.” Trust me when I say that they’ve succeeded!

After completing an Indiegogo campaign in July 2012, the team has been working diligently for a year and a half to create the ultimate fan-made trailer, which quickly became a “…global endeavour…involving more than 40 artists in 12 different countries.“.

Watch the awesome trailer below and then learn more about the project by visiting the official Akira Project site.



  • Tigernan Quinn

    Dear Hollywood – there is no reason you can’t get this done if a fan was able to make something this good. Start paying attention – we are.

  • fer portela

    3 words: fuck you Hollywood!

  • Jai Jessimy

    Knowing hollywood they’ll cast all white actors, so maybe it’s a good thing they don’t do this

  • Charles Zippel

    Hollywood would ignore everything, cast all hot 20 something white actors, and make the whole movie a love story between Tetsuo and Kei.

  • Joel Raine

    The casting of Kevin from Supernatural is genius

  • KidNickles

    I told the director they have picked for the live action adaptation, personally, that I hope he gets AIDS and worse for this…I hope the anime community fucking hangs him…

    • Daniel Knight

      What the hell is wrong with you?

  • dirtyghettok

    For a fan film/short, incredible. Take my money, please!!! coffee coffee coffee

  • Eldritch Love

    Fantastic job. If Hollywood would spend the time actually making the movie instead of scheming how to ‘Americanize’ it in a franchise-friendly format, this fan film is a mere hint how awesome a live-action Akira could be.

  • Anthony Costanza

    Why would anyone want Hollywood involved in Akira???
    Have you people been paying attention to the swill they produce…
    If Michael Bay gets his hands on thing or Tim Burton decides he’s got an interesting new idea of how it should look when Testsuo Shima looses control in the arena at the end this beautiful idea will become reason for all anime fans to commit seppuku.
    Fuck Hollywood .
    Keep it independent … what if Disney buys it…

  • Saren Nevac

    Originaly they wanted Keanu Reeves as the lead in the movie, fucking hollywood hasnt a clue. Atleast keep it as close to the source material as possible, otherwise why bother making a movie of it? Even if they made it with most of it cgi to get the look right, id be happy with that.Cutting and pasting the Akira novel and placing it in New York isnt the best way to go. Treat it like scifi and create a new world and city for it and the 2 leads need to be japenese, even if the other characters are black and white etc.

  • jasilee

    Please throw money at them and make this real.

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