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Trailers From Hell Tackles ‘The Terminator’

Last week I put up a few pieces from Trailers From Hell and it’s something I’ll continue to do every once in a while when they have something that fits the site. In a world where noise outweighs signal, it’s refreshing to get videos that actually discuss movies (rather than those tacky, out of context “everything wrong with “X” in “Y” minutes videos).

Today’s entry is a great demo for our new section, “The Further.” Here, Max Landis (writer of Chronicle and an Fox’s upcoming Frankenstein reboot), breaks down what makes The Terminator so vastly different from its more culturally penetrating sequels. As a fan of the franchise, I do think there is an argument to be made that T1 is better than T2.

Check it out! And be sure to hit up their site and play around.



  • Charles Zippel

    Say all you want about Max Landis, but the man has real passion, and that’s something you don’t see enough of in Hollywood today. He might be a pain to work with, speak his mind too much, and say the wrong things, but Chronicle was amazing.

    Assholes should’ve let him do Chronicle 2 his way, and butted the hell out.

  • sportsguy82

    T1 is way better than T2. The acting alone was superior (E.F.) terrible actor. Making Arnold the “good” T never sat well with me either. Catch hell for this, but not a fan of Cameron anymore. My opinion, he hasn’t made a decent movie since The Abyss.

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