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[TV] Extended New Look At CBS’ “Extant” and “Stalker”

CBS is giving us in depth looks at two upcoming genre series, the Halle Berry vehicle “Extant,” plus Kevin Williamson’s new series, “Stalker.”

Extant’ is a mystery thriller about a female astronaut, Molly (Halle Berry), who is trying to reconnect with her family when she returns after a year in outer space. Her experiences lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.

Goran Visnjic portrays John, Molly’s husband; Pierce Gagnon plays their son, Ethan; Louis Gossett, Jr., plays Quinn, Molly’s father; and Camryn Manheim plays Sam Barton, Molly’s best friend. Michael O’Neill and Grace Gummer also co-star. Guest stars include Josh Malina as Dr. Scott Beck, the lead doctor in an emergency room of the near future.

“Extant” premieres on Wednesday, July 9th, at 9/8c on CBS.

‘Stalker’ stars Maggie Q and Golden Globe Award winner Dylan McDermott in a psychological thriller about detectives who investigate stalking incidents – including voyeurism, cyber harassment, and romantic fixation – for the Threat Assessment Unit of the LAPD. Det. Jack Larsen (McDermott) is a recent transfer to the Unit from New York City’s homicide division, whose confidence, strong personality, and questionable behavior have landed him in trouble before – but whose past behavior may also prove valuable in his new job. His boss, Lt. Beth Davis (Maggie Q), is strong, focused, and an expert in the field, driven by her traumatic personal experience as a victim.

With the rest of their team, young but eager Det. Ben Caldwell (Victor Rasuk) and deceptively smart Det. Janice Lawrence (Mariana Klaveno), Larsen and Davis assess the threat level of cases and respond before the stalking and intimidation spirals out of control, all while trying to keep their personal obsessions at bay.

“Stalker” airs on Wednesday nights at 10/9c beginning this fall.



  • I might be the only one but I think Kevin Williamson lost his mojo a bit. I just finished the “Following” season 1 and although there are some nice twists in the script and the whole storyline a bit unique, then it really quick de-escalated into a labyrithn of extended plotlines and sub plots that frankly go nowhere. I noticed lots of similarities between Bacon’s and McDermott’s characters as well as with Q’s and Parisse’s characters from the description. The subject though sounds very intriguing. We will see how this one goes

    • nick

      I wouldn’t say he lost his mojo I just think he recycles a lot of the same ideas. A lot of ideas and scenes in The Following, especially Season 2, are extremely reminiscent of things that happened in the Scream series. I’m sure we will see some of this in Stalker. Not that it’s a bad thing though, Stalker looks really good and I’ll definitely be checking it out.

      • I tend to agree with you – yes probably he is recycling the same ideas. But I will be seeing as well Stalker just for the promising cast and the whole horror-ish aspect

  • I have lost a lot of faith in Kevin Williamson after suffering through the first season of The Following (seriously…I think it’s TERRIBLE) but I’m excited for Stalker (which looks somewhat decent) if only for the presence of Maggie Q. I will watch her in anything after binge-watching all of Nikita last year. Fantastic show and an amazing, kick-ass actress.

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