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The New ‘Transformers’ Trailer Has Me 110% Convinced

Like ’em, love ’em, or hate ’em, there’s no denying that Michael Bay’s Transformers series has nearly everything a summer blockbuster should offer. There’s a huge budget, explosions (lots of them), intense action scenes, and a razor thin plot that rarely deviates (except for “Robot Heaven”. What the hell was that?). So when they announced a fourth movie, I was already excited because I knew it would be an opportunity for 2+ hours of mindless fun.

With the latest trailer for Transformers: Age Of Extinction, I am even more convinced that this movie needs to be released ASAP. Optimus Prime rides a Dinobot. Allow me to repeat myself: Optimus freakin’ Prime rides a Dinobot into battle!

Transformers: Age Of Extinction stars Mark Wahlberg and comes out June 27th.

Head below and see this for yourself!



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