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‘Cold In July’ Clip Leaves In a Panic

Now that “Dexter” is in complete, Michael C. Hall embarks on his film career with the Sundance thriller Cold In July, from Stake Land and We Are What We Are‘s Jim Mickle.

Opening May 23, IFC Films shared the first clip from the pic that’s to feature scene-stealing performances from Sam Shepard and Don Johnson as a pair of Texan badasses.

Based on the novel by Joe R. Lansdale, “On a hot Texas summer night in 1989, family man Richard Dane (Hall) awakens to the sound of a burglar breaking into his home. In a panic, he shoots the intruder dead—but this nightmare is only just beginning. Although he’s hailed as a small-town hero, Dane soon finds himself fearing for his family’s safety when the burglar’s ex-con father, Ben (Sam Shepard), rolls into town; hell-bent on revenge. However, not all is as it seems. Misled by the cops and desperate for answers, Richard embarks on an increasingly berserk, bloodstained quest to discover what really happened that night. The plot twists pile up faster than the body count in this blistering mystery of vengeance and vice.



  • Jim

    “Now that “Dexter” is incomplete”…I fixed your opening sentence. That finale was garbage, no matter what the creators said in that interview.
    Good to see Hall has future projects though.

    • J Jett

      Jim i thought Mr. D meant “NOW THAT DEXTER IS COMPLETE”….but, who knows? LOL.

      • Jim

        Yeah I do believe he was. I was correcting it to “incomplete” trying to be a smartass, expressing my disdain for the way they ended the show 😉

        • J Jett

          Jim, you may be right. i can never tell with this site anymore! LOL.

  • Semifallen

    that ‘stache and haircut…wow! 😀


    this looks pretty good, i’ll be checking it out. as for dexter, the finale was disappointing but I do agree now that it was really the only realistic way to end it. dexter never got a happy ending no matter how hard he tried. though his new profession could have been something a little better…

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