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[TV] Preview the “Hannibal” Season Finale!

We head into next Friday’s “Hannibal” with our chins held high, knowing that a third season is upon us. But, knowing that the creators of the series weren’t sure of its fate when filming completed, we can probably expect a shocker of a finale.

The table and trap are set for the season finale, “Mizumono”, airing May 23 on NBC.

The trap has been set for Hannibal and as he prepares for his departure, he thinks Will is coming with him. Will though is tying up loose ends and preparation for a different kind of departure, not sure if he’ll survive the trap he’s set. Both Will and Hannibal feel that Jack ought to have the truth. As loyalties are tested, the fated battle between Hannibal and Jack has arrived.

Those of you who saw last night’s episode were treated to some seriously twisted shit. I was eating breakfast and had to stop chewing until the commercial break. How does this stuff keep on network television? I don’t know and I don’t care. They better keep it coming.



  • J Jett

    pretty good ep last night (not exactly a favorite of mine but still good). even though i think the Mason Verger storyline/arch was a bit rushed the ep did not disappoint with the face slice/decimation scene with Mason. lol. when he slices off his nose and eats it….yeah, that part made me wince (in an awesome way).

  • Weresmurf

    I thought the Verger thing was meant to play out a bit differently? Hannibal had dinner with him or something, got him high etc. Either way, I thought it was just amazing how they did it. The dark lighting was just enough to make it appear graphic yet covered and it made me gag. Literally gag. I haven’t done that in years to a show or film. I seriously got creeped out so much! Loved it! Keep it coming!!!

  • Melissa Carlill

    Laurence Fishburne has been cast in a pilot for a new series, so does that mean Jack Crawford doesn’t make it past the finale?

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