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‘Dead Space 3’ in CryEngine Needs More Gore

If you’re patiently waiting for more strategic dismemberment, the mixed bag that was Dead Space 3 has all-but-guaranteed we won’t see a new entry in this series for some time. So until Isaac Clarke and friends return, we’ll just have to rely on folks like Daniel Harris to give us a taste, however small, of what could be. Harris decided to take it upon himself to recreate one of the environments from early on in Dead Space 3’s campaign using the powerful CryEngine, and it looks pretty good.

The result is essentially a better-lit version of the game some of us played last February. I’d say the only things this version is missing are a few odd Necromorphs and a tasteful smattering of mutilated corpses. Oh, and flickering lights. You can’t have a Dead Space game without faulty wiring.




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