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The New Die Antwoord Video Is As F#*ked Up As You’d Expect

South African hip hop band Die Antwoord has released a music video for their new single “Pitbull Terrier” and it’s bloody, it’s weird, and it’s a completely twisted clip that is well worth posting here! Directed by Ninja, the video shows a pit bull/man hybrid – that looks like something right out of The Island Of Dr. Moreau – who goes on a bit of an animalistic spree, attacking cat-women (not like Halle Berry) and humping random legs. It’s…it’s interesting, to say the least.

The track comes from the group’s upcoming album Donker Mag, which comes out June 3rd via Zef Recordz. You can pre-order it via iTunes.

You can watch the video and see the album artwork below, both of which are very much NSFW.




  • Nathan Springstead

    Love these guys, music is not for everyone’s palette, but they draw me in none-the-less.

  • eupfhoria

    They are ridiculous. I love them.

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