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Pink Floyd Announces ‘The Division Bell’ 20th Anniversary Edition

One of the most famous and acclaimed rock groups ever, Pink Floyd has been enchanting listeners for nearly five decades with their blend of psychedelic and progressive elements into rock. Their albums The Wall and Dark Side Of The Moon are considered staples of any music collection and their songs are still just as powerful and meaningful as the day they were released.

Their last album, The Division Bell, was originally met with lukewarm reception when it was released back in 1994 but has since gone on to win over many. Personally, I was always a fan of the album and its gorgeous sounds (“High Hopes” is still one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard).

Yesterday marked the announcement that a 20th anniversary edition of the band’s final album will be released in a series of various packages and bundles, including a deluxe box that will house the album on vinyl, CD, Blu-ray 5.1 audio mix with a new “Marooned” music video, and much more.

Pre-orders are available right here and the “Marooned” music video can be seen below.




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