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‘Lord of Tears’ Prank Video Conjures “The Owlman”

A really cool indie that many of you should check out is Lawrie Brewster’s Lord of Tears, which can be picked up over at the film’s official website.

Since it’s an indie release, the filmmakers are pushing hard to gain awareness, thus they’ve created this new “prank” video in which the film’s creature, the Owlman, scares unsuspecting visitors at an abandoned hospital.

This is similar to the promotion they pulled on Chat Roulette this past January.

Patrick Cooper loved the creepy indie – you can read his review here.



  • Cheshire TrollCat

    I might have shot him… Glad the Owlman is ok.

    • Dane Curbow

      That is why the first thing you do is say, if this is prank take that off now otherwise I’ll shoot you 😉

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    That is amazing!

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