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‘The Green Inferno’ Trailer Crash Lands Into HELL

The Green Inferno

Screaming isn’t going to save you…

Cabin Fever and Hostel director Eli Roth returns this fall with The Green Inferno, his cannibal horror that heads deep into the Amazon with Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Daryl Sabara and Kirby Bliss Blanton.

“The Green Inferno follows a group of student activists who from New York City travel to the Amazon to protect a dying tribe, but crash in the jungle and are taken hostage by the very natives they saved.“!

The trailer, shared below, really gives you a sense of the film’s set up and horrifying consequences. Just watching the footage is enough to induce a panic attack.

I hope to be one of the first sacrificed on September 5!




  • Fantasma George

    Ahahahahah, so the victims in this are the very SJWs who might blog protesting this?! That’s brilliant, totally watching this now!

  • J Jett

    this reminds me of the SOUTH PARK ep (w/ Jennifer Anniston as the “Getting Gay with Kids” choir lady) where the people who wanted to save the rainforest get attacked by bugs and snakes and a hidden tribe of violent aboriginals and then are all for tearing down the rainforest!! LOL.

    this movie looks too clean. he should have made it gritty, dirty looking. maybe shoot it on 16 mill or something.

    • Boone

      There’s a place called the rainforest, that truly sucks ass
      Let’s knock it all down and get rid of it fast

      Let’s knock down the rainforest, whaddya say?
      It’s totally gay, it’s totally gay!

      • WhoreWhisperer

        You’re right Cartman.

      • J Jett

        Boone, YES!!!!!!! LOL.

    • Dev

      Yeah I was thinking about that South Park episode too. That was a great one. I’m undecided about the aesthetic of the film. Part of me is kind of glad he’s not just trying to ape *every* aesthetic quality of grindhouse cinema (any more), because it’s lazy and reductive and Roth and Tarantino both should be banned from making faux-grindhouse movies ever again. That being said, some kind of visual grittiness goes a long way and part of what makes Cannibal Holocaust so great and enduring is what also makes Blair Witch so great too, and it’s the visual chaos (at least in parts) because of the kind of technology being used – though this was woven into the plots of both CH and BW. At least Roth hasn’t emulated that ‘found footage’ component here, because that would be too obvious by this point in time.

  • dirtyghettok

    Weak trailer…. I still could care less to see this. Mr. Roth, it’s time for you to retire.

    • Chamber

      Thank you!

  • Jon Lachonis

    I might have a panic attack if I paid money to see this movie. Frankly I’m just not that dumb.

  • Kroork

    I am so excited for this!

  • REC03

    cannibal movies aren’t really my thing but this is a damn effective trailer. the plane crash is sick.

  • Chamber

    All this time I thought it was going to be a new take on found footage. It looks like a damn Syfy movie. I will not be paying to see this.

    • i_already_ordered_a_pizza

      Why would you want ANOTHER found footage movie? At least this is something different.

  • eagleye25

    I can’t wait!!!!

  • The world might be a better place if more well meaning liberals crash landed on islands inhabited by cannibals. I’m just saying.

    • DarkOwl

      Eww, are you a republican?

      • No. I’m a communism. I fins it frustrating that well meanining liberals will fly all over the world in order to feed the poor, yet never ask why they are poor in the first place and changing systems. Charity is about feeling good not making the world a better place.

        • So it is fitting that they get eaten.

          • Fantasma George

            You know I’m agreeing with most of what you’re saying, but the thing is that ‘liberal’ can be a really heavy label used by terrible people and then everyone can get a wrong idea of what you might be joking at. Fact is this: Eli Roth is doing some serious trolling to the SJW community already planning on getting mad at another horror movie showing helpless Wasps, just like them, getting eaten on foreign soil. The real stereotypes are played up by the victims clashing with what are meant to be the monsters of a horror movie.

            It’s not about interpreting political labels, it’s about showing how these pussies can’t stand on their own.

          • Haha. I’m not sure what lenghts you are suggesting I go to in order to be politically correct and tread through the internet like tip toeing through a hallway of broken glass. I figure if the label on a jar says peanut butter. And the contents of the jar is also peanut butter then its not really my job to find a softer and fluffly word to replace peanut butter.

            Have you ever found a joke funny if it had to be explained to you?

            I’m pretty excited about the film nonethless.

        • Dev

          There are likely a range of reasons why people engage in charity, and I think very rarely can it be said that charity is simply harmful. It can be ignorant, or naive, or self-serving, but I think the vast majority of charitable actions are done sincerely, even if they are for complicated reasons. In a way, that’s my only reservation about The Green Inferno in terms of what it does with it’s political/moral compass. If it’s going to make a cynical statement about well-meaning young people getting in over their heads then I think I’ll be a bit disappointed, if only because it’s been done so many times already.

        • Dr. Storm Crow

          “I’m a communism.”

    • Chris Veal

      take that shit back to CNN….

      • Oh no its the internet police. Let me run before I’m beaten on live TV.

    • Chamber

      *Well meaning Conservatives.

      There, fixed it for you.

  • Caesar

    Hmm. Not sure what to make of this just yet. Roth hasn’t really done anything that’s interested me since Hostel. He should have capitalised on his faux ‘Thanksgiving’ trailer on the Grindhouse release and made that.

  • Chuck Green

    I haven’t been this excited for a movie in 10 years.

    • Chris Veal

      I wouldnt set the bar that high its Eli Roth we are talking about here

      • Chuck Green

        Yeah, I know, once a guy makes a good movie it becomes so COOL to hate on him. Oh how this world is fucked to hell.

        • Leebo

          Well, once he makes a “good” movie then perhaps we can talk about him…….


        • Chris Veal

          what good movie are you talking about? not hating on him but its not like Eli Roth is know for cranking out classics here. to say you havent been this excited in 10 years is kind of pushing it. haha.


    this looks a little glossy for CH’s counterpart but the trailer looks better than I expected. it can’t possibly be any worse than aftershock. i’m not a big fan of CH though so it doesn’t matter anyway

  • Krug09

    Seems to be mixed reception at best… Honestly. This movie does look good to me and i, at one time even hated Eli Roth. I think he is a good director but puts too much gore in his movies. I will agree too judging from the trailers a “dirtier” look would have been nice but until the movie comes out i will not say its a bad thing.

    • Ruben

      Too much gore!!!?? You can never have “too much gore” in a horror film.

      • Dev

        It depends on if there is something to work with it, and isn’t just an hour and a half of being panned over the head repeatedly. This is why Braindead (aka Dead Alive) is immeasurably better than say, August Underground.

      • Krug09

        Gore can take away from a film where its hard to see anything else. It really all depends on what movie we are talking about. A movie like Cabin Fever is a soso movie to begin with, although i can tell hes a good filmmaker. Like with the Saw movies. Not scary just disgusting. Had they took back the gore a great deal and made it scary (more physiological) to be in the traps and worked more on logic i think it could have been a better series.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I don’t get all the Eli Roth hate. Sure, ‘Aftershock’ was horrible, but he didn’t direct it. All films he’s actually directed have been decent, ‘Hostel part II’ was brilliant. The trailer ‘Green Inferno’ is pretty good, but we’ll see in September.

    • Caesar

      It’s not really hate, it’s just he’s been attached to so many things that have been mediocre or disappointing. He should really be upping his game now.

    • Dev

      It’s a matter of taste, I suppose. Personally, I’ve not enjoyed his output to date and kind of have a low opinion of the man (I think he’s kind of a chauvinist and not the nicest guy, but that’s not really relevant to my not liking his films) but I am admittedly curious about this new one. I’m not expecting it to live up to it’s influences (Cannibal Holocaust, obviously – an incredible film in more ways than one, but a film of it’s time that cannot be replicated) but if he has finally made something that isn’t just vile and unpleasant but also intelligent enough to justify itself then I will be pleased. There’s room for it, and the trailer hints at the possibilities, but it could just as easily be 90 minutes of, yep – torture and mayhem, and not a lot else.

      • Chrissie-Watkins

        Well said, Dev. But if I were going to put a cruder twist on it, I would use the words “douche” and “torture porn”

        • Dev

          Perfectly fitting terms, for sure, but I felt like trying to mix it up a bit, I always hear Eli Roth and his films described that way already.

  • Mistah Vader

    This screams Cannibal Holocaust but with way less nudity/animal murder.

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      I feel like that was the point. I think Roth trolls horror sites and whatever fans comment on the most, he says “I can make a Hostel out of that”

      • Mistah Vader

        I haven’t heard any really positive reviews regarding the movie so needless to say I’m a bit apprehensive about watching this.

  • markajacoby

    Dumb question… But didn’t we see this months ago? Why are we acting like this is a brand new trailer?

    • Leebo

      It was a different trailer last time around.
      This one actually looks “promising”.

  • Ltg1998

    I’m JUST now realizing that Sky Ferreira is in this movie, that makes me both more excited, and also not wanting to see her character get eaten/murdered in it.

  • Dr. Storm Crow

    Not that impressed. Probably will skip.

  • Jon Phil

    how much is BD getting paid to promote this? I cant go one week without seeing that annoying woman screaming……
    Jesus…. At least CHANGE the freaking picture once in a while, I am tired of seeing her so much

  • joeshmo447

    I love eli roth! So excited to see him direct again, you know ur in for something crazy

  • diapers

    Looks promising. Will definitely see it on the big screen, despite the bloviating anti-Roth lurkers. WE GET IT. You don’t like Eli Roth. Move along, then.

  • Lana Del Gay

    Didn’t Sky Ferreira work on this movie as well? I don’t see her in the trailers.

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