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Cheer For the ‘Varsity Blood’ Trailer! (Exclusive)

Bloody Disgusting is exclusively cheering for the trailer premiere of RLJ/Image Entertainment’s Varsity Blood, on DVD on August 19th.

The film stars Lexi Giovagnoli, Debbie Rochon (American Nightmare, Colour From the Dark), Elle LaMont (Machete Kills) and Chris Hlozek (Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies) and is written and directed by Jake Helgren.

This football season, Hogeye High’s Warriors and cheerleaders are out for blood. Unfortunately, someone is out for theirs, and they’ll be forced to take one for the team. After the big Halloween football match, the students are joined by an uninvited guest dressed as their high school mascot armed with a bow and arrow, a battle-axe, and an insatiable appetite for butchery. Soon, they find themselves fighting for more than the winning score as terror becomes the name of the game.



  • J Jett

    this looks horrible.

  • diapers

    Ok, a slasher! Any word on the levels of gore and nudity?

  • Evan3

    HOLY! I haven’t seen a trailer this laughably bad in ages.

  • TrishDoddseus

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    • diapers

      Hey BD admins, from one admin to another, its pretty easy to ban trolls. Especially when a single one seems to comprise about 5% of your overall comments.

  • Pablo Delgadillo

    that acting though…

  • redlefthand

    Educated Prediction: low-budget, badly written, badly acted slasher film with no style. In Addition: don’t even get me started on the killer’s costume. Weak sauce!

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