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[Fantasia ’14] ‘Suburban Gothic’ Red Band Trailer!

After sharing the first images from Richard Bates Jr.’s Suburban Gothic, his follow-up to the Sundance success, Excision, we now have the film’s red band trailer filled will all things bizarre. It will World Premiere at the 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival from July 17 until August 5, 2014.

Raymond has a prestigious MBA, but he can’t find work. He can channel the paranormal, but chatting with a cute girl mystifies him. Kicked out of his big city apartment, Raymond returns home to his overbearing mother, ex-jock father, and beer-bellied classmates. But when a vengeful ghost terrorizes the small town, the city-boy recruits Becca, a badass local bartender, to solve the mystery of the spirit threatening everyone’s lives.

Suburban Gothic is described as an eccentric comedy/horror that stars Matthew Gray Gubler, Kat Dennings, Ray Wise, Sally Kirkland, Jeffrey Combs and John Waters, and riffs on everything from classic supernatural horror and outsider teen comedies to the “Hardy Boys” and “Scooby-Doo”!

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    • Robert Jamison

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  • Amnesiac Kid

    why was this red band? there wasn’t anything graphic in the trailer. smh

    • Maxime C

      i think i heard fuck… lol

      • Amnesiac Kid

        oh yeah, lol, america

  • Drool Bear

    LOL. Love it. John Waters still has it.

  • Kyle Yadlosky

    I don’t know, the jokes seem really easy to me.

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  • All I can think after viweing the trailer is how much I can’t stand 2 Broke Girls.

  • Matt Loudon

    Anything with a John Waters cameo is worth my time.

  • Chris Destro Alexander

    There for minute I was going to say, I’ll skip till John Waters showed up.

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