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Slasher ‘Kristy’ Gets Satanic In Germany (Images)

Kristy Satanic Random

If you’re wondering when you’ll see Donkey Punch director Oliver Blackburn and the Weinstein Company’s slasher Kristy, you may not have to to wait much longer. Those with all region DVD or Blu-ray players can already pick it up on Amazon Germany. Otherwise, knowing TWC-Dimension, it could be a long wait (see Livide, still not released).

Since it’s already out in Germany, it was easy for us to dig around for some officially imagery – the first we’ve ever shown! Check out a ton of stills below, as well as the German red-band trailer.

Formerly titled Random and Satanic, the film stars Haley Bennett, Ashley Greene, Erica Ash, Chris Coy and Lucas Till in an homage to 90’s slashers.

It takes place when the rest of a campus home for the Thanksgiving holiday, Justine spends the weekend in her college dormitory: studying, relaxing and blissfully unaware of the terror that is about to unfold outside in the cold. Suddenly, confronted by a gang of violent outcasts, Justine’s quiet long weekend becomes one long lesson in survival as she is terrorized in increasingly bizarre and brutal ways, leaving it up to her to figure out who her attackers are…and if they can be stopped.



  • Fantasma George

    Those stills look good but the trailer makes it seem like a huge waste of time.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    One thing occurs to me watching the stills; a horror movie starring a serial killer with jedi robes would kick ass.

  • joesey

    what a stupid title

    • I kind of like the title. Or the reason for it, rather.

  • A2VL

    TWC-Dimension are the worst when it comes to horror films. Whether it be stalling the release of Mandy Lane for 7 years, destroying the Piranha franchise with 3DD, or keeping the Hellraiser rights despite not knowing what to do with the franchise.

  • REC03

    this is online under the name Kristy in really good quality. i actually really liked it. a bit cliche but intense. the lead girl did a great job.

    • Agreed. I also liked Ashley Greene as Violet. She didn’t have a lot of dialogue but there was a quiet intensity to her character.

  • I saw it a few nights ago and really enjoyed it. It’s a perfect example of something that’s not original but really well done. There was some nice suspense, I gave a shit about the lead character and it didn’t have bad attempts at humor like You’re Next. I’m sorry but that movie was such a disappointment for me. This one is what I wished that movie would have been.

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