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Rick Drops An F-Bomb In the REAL “The Walking Dead” Season Finale!!

The Walking Dead

One of the smaller issues with AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is that, because it’s on basic cable, they can’t swear. It’s not a huge deal, but it definitely can impact some of the more powerful moments in the series.

Those of you who keep up with both the Image comic and its adaptation know just how tough, rough and rugged Rick Grimes is, but unfortunately, Andrew Lincoln has to play it safe on television.

The below YouTube user wanted to feel the true impact of the Season 4 finale when Rick proclaims, “They’ve messed with the wrong people.” Being that the group is trapped in a boxcar being attacked by cannibals, it seemed appropriate to give this final proclamation some spice. So, without further adieu, watch as Rick Grimes gets serious and drops an f-bomb on his crew.

The original censored episode aired on March 30, 2014. The episode was written by Scott M. Gimple & Angela Kang and directed by Michelle MacLaren.



  • Charlton

    The Walking Dead can have horrific graphic violence and horror, but no swearing…

    • J Jett

      Charlton, i was thinking the exact same thing. swearing and slight nudity is considered (here in the states at least) THE worst thing ever and will bring about the end of days but yet it’s perfectly OK to show every kind of gory/bloody violence possible. it’s pretty messed up.

      • Charlton

        I’m 21, and I’ve been disturbed by the gore in Walking Dead. I can’t help what some kids think, but then again I think they are probably all desensitised. With their parents letting them play games over their age-range. My friend went to the Watchdogs midnight launch. And they were in the queue and behind them was a man and his two young teenage sons. The kids made a remark at people about “why are they buying the normal editions? That sucks.” The dad bought both of his sons each the Ded Sec edition or whatever the top one was. This annoys me, as parents can buy their kids the games, but why this annoys me was it was a midnight launch, and it was 100% obvious that the games were for the kids, as it was the, i’ll say it again… midnight launch. In the day time its slightly more acceptable as the dad might just be walking in to get a game himself, and happens to have his kids with him who seem more interested in the game than he does.

  • I’m so glad they actually did that. The censored ending was so cheesy, but this just made it better.

  • Charlton

    Also, I don’t get that apparently Breaking Bad was only allowed one ‘fuck’ per season, but thing is, I heard it at least three or four times in the earlier seasons. The final season however needed it much more. It was really irritating in several major scenes in the final season where it seemed like the characters were forcing themselves not to swear. Even though they were in a fucking horrible situation.

    • Weresmurf

      So weird, the one show I felt would’ve been majorly helped (not that it wasn’t a 10/10 show already) by an overabundance of swearing by its villains… you could’ve had the badguys swearing regularly and Mr White never swearing, unless it was a profound situation.

  • Robert Everdeen

    Sigh…. censoring is so 1980s…. its fucking 2014 now.. drop the censorship already.

    • Charlton

      *screwing 2014.

  • eyes_only510

    It really depends on the channel. Robert Rodriguezs channel El Rey has both swearing the and nudity which isweird with all the commercials they show

  • Spike0037

    You can say FUCK If you want t on basic cable. They don’t because of advertising. Yes I know but what about all the gore and one simple FUCK they can’t get over. Its a compromise. AMC you have to pay for just like HBO and SHOWTIME the only difference are ad’s. Like on Comedy Central some times they air a movie or stand-up uncensored.

    • Weresmurf

      Yep. Breaking Bad said it, they just erased it audibly and reinstated it on bluray/dvd.

  • wehoaks

    This site is grasping at straws.

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