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First ‘See No Evil 2’ Clip Wakes Sleeping Beauty

Pay for your sins. Especially if that sin is kissing a dead slasher on his lips…

See No Evil 2, which features star wrestler Kane as “Jacob Goodnight” (I laugh every time they use him name in the trailer), a psychopath that goes on a killing spree, will be available on Digital HD and Video On Demand Friday, October 17th, and on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) on Tuesday, October 21st.

Starring Danielle Harris (Halloween, Hatchet II), Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps, Freddy vs Jason), Greyston Holt (Lost Boys: The Tribe), Chelan Simmons (Tucker and Dale vs Evil), Kaj Eriksen and Lee Majdoub, from the pic directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary), the first clip show Isabelle unbuttoning her shirt a bit and then seducing a dead Jacob Goodnight. Will her kiss wake Sleeping Beauty?

A group of friends pays a late-night visit to the city morgue to surprise Amy (Harris) on her birthday. But the surprise is on them when the one-eyed corpse of brutal psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs) unexpectedly rises from a cold sub-basement slab. Their wild party quickly turns into a terrifying slay-fest as the sadistic mass-murderer resumes his savage rampage complete with hooks, surgical knives and power saws.

DVD and Blu-ray special features will include: “Twisted Twins (Soska Sisters)” featurette, “Autopsy: Dissecting the Kills” featurette and “Kane’s Goodnight: An Icon Reborn” featurette




  • Warren Jansen Van Rensburg

    Seriously Katherine is such an amazing actress I cannot believe how believable she can be with all these crazy characters in horror movies, when she is too scared to watch horror movies herself ahhahha. How Ironic a scream queen who hates watching horror movies haha.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Lol this looks like a fun sequel

  • Jonathan Larsson

    I really like the mask. That plus the new knife makes him look really cool.
    There’s something awfully disturbing with kissing a dead serial killer… It’s like planting a i-am-so-dead sign on herself for all to know.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Loved the first, looking forward to this.

  • mikebourkefan

    Katharine isabelle always looks great as always. a true scream queen

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