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‘Tamara’ Gets R-rated Novelization! (Exclusive)

Jeffrey Reddick, best known as the creator of the Final Destination franchise, has teamed with JD Matthews to pen a novel based on the original R-rated script for Tamara, which Lionsgate released in 2005.

The story is the hardcore, and chilling, tale of an unpopular young girl, named Tamara, who’s bullied and killed when a prank goes horrible awry. The kids bury Tamara and believe their secret is safe.

But some secrets can’t stay buried. And Tamara returns from the grave as a sexy seductress, who knows the secret sins of her tormentors. She uses these sins to exact revenge, while going after the one thing she has always desired – her married teacher, Mr. Natolly.

As the kids struggle to find a way to stop her reign of terror, Mr. Natolly must resist Tamara’s charms to protect his family from this sexy, and lethal, supernatural threat.

The book is coming out in October.

With Tamara, Jeffrey Reddick and JD Matthews have crafted a tale that is relentlessly paced, gory as hell, and packs a plot-twist so sharp, it’ll leave a scar,” said award-winning author J.C. Hutchins, author of The 33, the 7th Son Trilogy & Personal Effects: Dark Art, on the book. “This is Jeffrey Reddick at his diabolical best!

For updates on the exact release date check out the official Facebook Page.



  • Khy

    Well this isn’t random at all. Novelization coming out ten years after that film…well ok.

  • Christensen

    I wonder if Jeffrey ever realized how similar Tamara is to Junji Ito’s Tomie…

    • Grimphantom

      I was about to say the same thing! Reading the summary pretty much is a knock off of Tomie only adding a few things so it won’t be the same but it’s basically the same story with the whole under her spell and such.

      • Christensen

        I’ve always assumed this was a coincidence since Tomie isn’t very well known in America at all and Jeffrey Reddick usually writes pretty original work so I don’t think he’s a plagiarist but honestly Tamara could literally pass as a direct remake of Tomie… I wonder if he’s even aware. I mean, even the names… I don’t know.

        • jreddick

          Hey Christensen,

          Happy Labor Day. Just wanted to say that my inspiration for “Tamara” was “Carrie.” I’ve loved the book since childhood, but I hate that she doesn’t kick ass until the end. So I wanted to do something similar. I also loved “The Craft,” which was a strong girl power movie, so I decided to make her a witch. Tamara is the name of a pretty, but mean, girl I went to school with and I wanted a one name title. But I did hear about Tomie afterwards, when someone said they were similar and I’ve watched them all. Cool movies. 🙂

          • Christensen

            Ah I see, I thought so. I’ll definitely be checking out the novel, I thought the movie was really cool so if the novel is an improvement i’m sure it’ll be great.

            and btw i agree that patrick & shawn scene came off badly in the film i’m glad it wasn’t written like that… best of luck jeffrey 🙂

        • Grimphantom

          The names are mostly dead giveaway also the plot is too similar where they kill her but to their surprise they see her again and more beautiful then ever where Tomie has the ability to manipulate anyone under her spell and make everyone fight each other even trying to kill her.

          If it had different name and different on the beginning of the plot wouldn’t compare it to Tomie.

          I’m still hoping someone does a US. remake or version of Junji Ito’s work like Uzumaki i can see it like they tell stories a la Creepshow or Trick or Treat, i actually pic Jeffrey Combs playing the dad of main protagonist’s boyfriend that gets obsess with the spirals.

  • Zahk Scott

    But that movie was terrible. . .

    • jreddick

      I wrote the book, because the movie turned out much different than the script that Lionsgate bought. The producers cut subplots, watered down scenes and had scenes reworked so that one revenge came off as homophobic. I wanted to get the original story out there now…because I think that bullying is still a major issue. And I’m proud of the original script. I have a soft spot for the the movie too. (But people may not dig the book. That’s a chance you take putting stuff out there.)

      Take care,

      • Zahk Scott

        Well, the plot-line might actually work better in written form from what you’ve said. I’m definitely willing to give the book a try – I think the fact that someone like you is so passionate about the material will help to enhance and further elaborate on the positive aspects from the film. I do have a question though – out of curiosity, what kind of voice have you written it in?

        • Jeffrey Reddick

          It’s written in third person….

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’ll be picking that up! I really liked the movie.

  • Javi Simon

    Takes me back to High School lol. I remember looking forward to the movie, but I was not as satisfied with it as I thought I would be. Tamara made for some delicious eye candy though. Anyway, the book seems like it will be way more exciting than the movie. Also, I hate when people involved in projects tell you that there will be a twist. Now, I’m coming up with possible twist endings and I just came up with a very good one. I’ll be pissed if I’m right!

    • jreddick

      The reviewer had never seen the movie and just read the novel….so the twist he’s referring to is in the movie. Not a twist ending. 🙂

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