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‘Sleepaway Camp’ Reunion In ‘Blood Reservoir’ (Trailer)

There’s somewhat of a Sleepaway Camp reunion in Mark Del Negro’s indie Blood Reservoir.

The pic, described as a classic Bloody Soap Opera Horror, stars Felissa Rose (Angela), Jonathan Tiersten (Ricky), and Max Sorrentino (Peter) from Sleepaway Camp.

The plot outline revolves around a group of young campers with their own motives to go to a place known as the Blood Reservoir. Due to the massive killings that have taken place on the grounds through recent memory. Some are going to persuade a lover, while others are looking for lost treasure believed to have been left behind from decades past. No matter their motives, they must fend for themselves if they run into a group of contract killers who are believed to be hiding out at the reservoir.

It is currently in post-produciton.



  • diapers

    Man, like others that hail from the glory days of 80’s VHS horror, I dig the original cast of Sleepaway, but with this budget and cast, its got to be just the right balance of campiness, which usually happens by accident me thinks.

    • Mark Anthony Del Negro

      Nope it was planned and we’re going to bring you one hell of a movie!

      • diapers

        Alright! Will keep an eye out for the release date.

        • Mark Anthony Del Negro

          Right now its looking like late October in select cities, I’ll keep you posted on the DVD and online streamers.

  • luke

    for some reason campiness back in the day was fun cinema, now films like this it just looks like a boring student film.. Horror fans deserve better… horror deserves better…

    • Khy

      I agree, funny how lowbudget campy films back in the 80s look better than the ones now.

  • dopepope

    I love me some Sleepaway Camp. It was such a weird movie. And all those cut off shirts were ridiculous.

  • Khy

    It’s Frank, not Max. Anyway, love the song in the trailer. I think that was Jonathan singing right? Pretty awesome. Probably not something I’ll watch however.

    • Mark Anthony Del Negro

      Frank is changing his name legally to Max, watch THE SORRENTINOS every Tuesday at 10pm on TVGN.

  • marklola12 .

    wow this looks beyond bad the only decent one was the first movie

  • jonathantiersten

    Cynicism kills kids. It is a teaser trailer so relax (we only finished shooting a week ago). The production values were spot on and the acting was superb (if I do say so). In the end the only way to know is if you see the finished product. Such negativity from our youth makes me sad. Buck up campers.

  • Mark Anthony Del Negro

    Please LIKE us on Facebook, as for the negative comments below, watch the movie when it comes out. If you like 80’s horror you will love what we have in store for you. Here is our facebook page

  • Frank Bautista

    Looks cool! I’ll definitely check it out!

    • Mark Anthony Del Negro

      Thank you Frank greatly appreciated.

  • Michael Bourke

    Whether or not YOU appreciate the efforts independent filmmakers go through to make a movie, you have to appreciate the EFFORT it would take to source funding etc, just because their passion does not marry your own, does not mean they failed. Be patient, be open-minded and give it a go. Sometimes, it’s the thought that counts 🙂

    • Mark Anthony Del Negro

      Independent Horror is only “independent” in production most of the time nowadays if you have a good project to submit.

      • Michael Bourke

        I appreciate the work you all do in producing HORROR for the screen, in this day and age there are so many critics, who are happy to “trash” the efforts of those who are adding interest to the genre, keeping it alive “whilst killing a bunch of people” 🙂 more power to you

  • Mark Anthony Del Negro

    You can purchase the DVD and other Exclusive items by visiting our FOREVER FUNDING campaign on Indiegogo.

  • Mark Anthony Del Negro

    Looking for a new Horror movie to watch tonight? Look no further, BLOOD RESERVOIR is now on Amazon Instant Video. Rent it for $1.99, Buy it for $10.99.

  • Mark Anthony Del Negro

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