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This Is the Best Slasher In Years, and It Comes From a Band Called “Fartbarf”

Just yesterday Jon introduced you to a new band through a remarkable music video that really needs to be on your radar. Thus, I’m creating a separate post just to shove your face in it.

The synth punk band, Fartbarf (yes, you read that correctly), released a music video for their single “Homeless In Heathrow,” that’s all kinds of 1980’s slasher awesome.

Perfect for Halloween, Brandon Dermer directed the vid that follows a babysitter who isn’t who she appears to be – yes, she’s the slasher. As we’ve seen in his other ass-kickin’ videos for Major Lazer and Nekrogoblikon, “Homeless In Heathrow” puts Dermer’s typical high production value on display, and garnishes it with intense gore.

On top of showing you this awesome video, we’ve scored exclusive interviews with both Fartbarf and Amanda Cerny, both of which you can read right here.

“Homeless In Heathrow” comes from Dirty Power, which you can snag via iTunes.



  • Rendrogy

    Very cool. An engaging slasher premise condensed into a music video, and the music isn’t bad.

  • J Jett

    sorry. the name alone is so stupid and screams “LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!” desperation. i’ll pass.

  • wehoaks

    Fartbarf. Hi our music can’t stand on it’s own so we give ourselves this really obnoxious name to grab your attention. Did it work? Oh you didn’t watch the video just because of our name? That is so fartbarf.

    • J Jett

      wehoaks, LOL! exactly!

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Hi, we’re Bloody-Disgusting, and the only reason people clicked on this article is because we’re misleading and disreputable, and put “This Is the Best Slasher In Years” as the headline.

  • WolfQueen

    Pretty decent song, actually. Also laughed really hard when the guy ran up the stairs to escape. And they always say women in horror do silly things. Ha!

  • Porty Guil

    awesome! that girl is hot, who is she?

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