'Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead' AFM Sales Trailer - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead’ AFM Sales Trailer

Below you’ll find the sales art and trailer for Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead, which was directed by Luca Boni and Marco Ristori, and stars Andrew Harwood Mills, Dan van Husen, Aaron Stielstra, Ally McClelland, and Lucy Drive.

Set in WWII, this is the story of a bunch of American soldiers fighting against a horde of zombies created by the Nazis using the prisoners of the camps… They have only one night to save their own lives, but the enemy is stronger and stronger…

More on this series as it comes in.


  • Canucklehead

    I hate Illinois Nazis

    Joliet Jake

  • parsyeb

    The first movie is pretty good (on Netflix), not much on the character-front, but the make-up effects are some of the best I’ve seen in the last 15 years.