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Horror Supercut “Nightmare Fuel” Goes For Creeps

It’s Friday and I felt like we could all use a horrific smile to end the week.

Check out this fun supercut, “Nightmare Fuel: A Tribute to Horror Movies,” created by Gamma Cake on YouTube.

Instead of it being just a bunch of flashes of gore, there’s a bunch of creepy imagery edited to the music, which I really appreciate.



  • Khy

    Loved it, nice to see a mash up of all horror!

  • Josh

    hate to be so mean but dubstep is disgusting lol. I thought it was going to be rock, i was disgusted, not gonna lie. dubstep doesn’t really go with horror, that goes more with stuff like Transformers and Avengers. just saying

  • thegreatiandi

    What are the films at 1:07, 1:19, 1:30, 1:37, 2:07 and 2:08??? Anyone?


    • Ablessi

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    • Tryst V. Umbra

      Not certain about 1:07…possibly The Others, but 1:19 is Scarecrow in Batman Begins, 1:30 was Grave Encounters 2(very quickly followed by The Omen ithink), 2:07 was a quick shot from The Conjuring. The others you mentioned timewise escape me

      • thegreatiandi

        thanks bro

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  • Tgr2k1 .

    Cool video….terrible terrible music.

  • Evan3

    I didn’t get this at all. First techno (dubstep?) just doesn’t really work. Also, there was absolutely no cohesiveness that exists with the best Supercuts.

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