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Jason Voorhees Vs. Michael Myers Fan Film

Trent Duncan directs a fan film that imagines if Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees went toe-to-toe with Halloween‘s Michael Myers instead of A Nightmare On Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger.

The 9-minute long short is fun, even if it doesn’t take itself seriously, at all. Still, if you can make it past the opening, there’s an enormous battle to follow.

Said Duncan:

“The epic battle of horror icons finally comes to life as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers face off in this adrenaline filled horror fan film that combines campy tributes to the original classics, while showcasing new age cinema. Starring Cheyenne Hess, Ryan Monnier, Rebecca Rose, and Shelly Gene Latane Laera.

In addition to a kick ass fight scene, I wanted to add some campy throwbacks and Easter eggs as a tribute to the films of the 80’s. More specifically the controversial cult classic ‘Halloween 3’. I hope you enjoy the film. Please share it with your groups.”



  • lol, this is quite amusing!

  • Halloween_Vic

    This was actually really good lol!!! I didn’t like Michael’s hair they could have used a better mask because Jason’s look was on point. But I loved this the editing was good, the battle scene with Michael and Jason felt authentic as if that’s how they would fight each other. But this has been the best Fan film of the 2 and honestly THIS NEEDS TO BE MADE ONE DAY!! It always should have been Michael Vs Jason not freddy. From my eyes to gods ears Hollywood needs to make this one day this is the Ultimate Horror Battle that horror fans want and need to see. Putting horror’s 2 God Father of Slashers to pit up against each other would make history. This filmmaker did pretty good though! Even though I love both Kings dearly, my heart and soul would always go for Michael for the win.

    • Javi Simon

      I think it would only work if Michael gets turned into some supernatural being at one point, so that he could stand a match against Jason.

      • ThunderDragoon

        He already is supernatural, though. Just not in the in-your-face way like Jason is. In the first film alone, Michael got stabbed two times, got shot six times, and fell off a balcony. He walked away like nothing happened.

        • Halloween_Vic

          Exactly and that’s just in the first film. It was safe to say that there was definitely something non-human about him, in Dr.Loomis fashion he’s just pure and simply evil.

      • Aaron Legg England

        You clearly don’t know shit man… Micheal was immortal. Let’s review. Jason’s weaknesses; Fire & Water. Myers’ weaknesses: none to speak of…

        • Javi Simon

          Jason has been blown to pieces and even hell couldn’t keep him down. His fear of water is something Freddy created by getting into his head and breaking him down to a child, because he could do stuff like that. Michael is as badass as they come, but still only human as far as the movies have let us know.

      • Halloween_Vic

        I mean in a sense he is supernatural technically he’s pure and simply EVIL and to me that’s scarier then anything supernatural.

  • OldAsMyers

    Thank you!!! Thank you for the hard work that went into this & most of all thank you for keeping Michael’s eyes blacked out entirely, as they should be. (Thumbs up)

  • ThunderDragoon

    This was pretty good. I enjoyed it. 😀

  • Kenneth Tanner

    That was fucking badass. They should’ve been a real movie about Jason Voorhees Vs. Michael Myers. This is a perfect match two silent psycho masked killers defeating each other that’s a perfect match. I think Jason Vs. Micheal would’ve been better than Freddy Vs. Jason because they are both silent mask killers and that will be a perfect match, on top of that don’t get me wrong Freddy Krueger is boy, but I don’t think Freddy would have fit the battle because he talks and he doesn’t wear a mask. He’s a different type of Killer. Freddy Krueger has nothing in comparing between Jason and Michael.
    Michael Myers Vs.Jason would’ve been a brilliant movie. Hollywood needs to break down and make this film one day. That would’ve been better than Freddy Vs. Jason.

  • Darnell

    Pretty cool I just wish they had done a better job with Michael Myers mask and overall look. They nailed zombie Jason appearance the guy who was in the make up was just 2-3 inches to short.

    Fun watch but reminded me how boring a real movie between these two would be. They are both way to similar and a fight would be utterly boring.

    Freddy vs. Jason sounded like a really cool idea until you got to actually see it on screen then you realize some ideas are best left in your head.

  • Thad Komo

    None of the F13 movies come close to the original Halloween, though F13 2 and 3 are decent. But this is not about movie quality; this is about the characters as they were originally conceived (after F13 part 6, Myers wouldn’t stand a chance). And putting all their strengths side to side, Voorhees clearly wins. He defeats Myers, and walks away, believing him to be dead. Of course, Myers eventually sits up, and goes back to his seasonal job.

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