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Doomsday Appears in New ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” just hosted the worldwide debut of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, which carried one major surprise…


Yes, the super villain responsible for killing Superman in the comics just made his first appearance on film, and can be seen in HD over at Villain Smash!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice battles its way to theaters on March 25th, 2016.

Zack Snyder directs from a screenplay by David Goyer and Chris Terrio. The film stars Ben Affleck as ‘Bruce Wayne/Batman’, Henry Cavill as ‘Clark Kent/Superman’, Amy Adams as ‘Lois Lane’, Gal Gadot as ‘Diana Prince/Wonder Woman’, Jesse Eisnberg as ‘Lex Luthor’, Scoot McNairy as ‘Jimmy Olsen’, Jeremy Irons as ‘Alfred Pennyworth’, Laurence Fishburne as ‘Perry White’, Diane Lane as ‘Martha Kent’, Christina Wren as ‘Major Carrie Farris’, Tao Okamoto as ‘Mercy Graves’, Ray Fisher as ‘Victor Stone/Cyborg’, and Jason Momoa as ‘Aquaman’. Batman v Superman also stars Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey, and Jena Malone.



  • astronauta69

    damn looks really cool, Wonder Woman beautiful, Doomsday a little weird but i like it, can’t wait to see it!

    • Richter Belmont

      If I recall, Doomsday evolves or changes form as he gets more powerful or something.

  • Adaaification

    Yeah. The only enemy they can’t kill or even touch appears in the movie. A villian that nearly killed darkseid without having problems. Good idea. And i’m not talking about pussy Doomsday with feelings, i talk about the killer version from the beginning. Yeah, so Batman and Wonder Woman are dead. Maybe Supie survives. But Batman is only human, and Doomsday needs only a finger to do it.

    • marklola12 .

      doubt wonder woman would be dead since shes part GOD..batman yeh hes just a puny human and really should have died ages ago

  • Alanmac

    No matter how much I try I just can’t take Ben Affleck seriously. I hope this works out.

  • marklola12 .

    ah superman in my bedroom…pronto lol

  • James

    Still not liking Lex at all

  • Not sure if I’m alone here but Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is just making me cringe. It’s like Jesse Eisenberg playing Jesse Eisenberg but dialing up all the quirky mannerisms to 11. Where’s the subtlety? Where’s the gravitas? It makes Kevin Spacey’s turn as Lex impressive all the sudden.

    Either way I can’t say I’m crazy excited for this; the only Zack Snyder film I’ve really enjoyed is Dawn of the Dead. The man is the epitome of style over substance.

    • Mr. Dry

      Jesse Eisenberg is begging for a bitchslap on this movie.

    • Honestly, he looks terrible like you said. His composure isn’t there and seems too young. Not happy

    • Markus Tightpants

      Did you also have a flashback vibe to Jim Carrey’s Edward Nigma from Batman Forever? For some reason the scene between Bruce and Clark being interrupted by Lex brought Batman Returns into my head.

  • Joe Kane

    So Doomsday in this is Frankenstein Zod? He even looks like him.

  • pablitonizer

    Batman holding a gun in the last pic??? A GUN????!! enough said!

    • Christopher Pelton

      You never read Dark Night Returns did you?

      • PsychoMantis18

        He had a gun much earlier than that.

        • Christopher Pelton

          True but the point of reference for the trailer is DKR and that’s probably the sonic gun.

          • PsychoMantis18


      • Df

        Dark Knight is a spinoff and not a part of batman lore. It doesn’t count.

    • the usual suspect

      it’s a grenade launcher, Relax

    • Df

      Obviously you don’t know a thing about batman or read any of the comics. Batman dislikes guns used against people and he doesn’t kill people. But he has used weapons against all kinds of inhuman things before. I know you want to be all sparky and savvy but save that for when you know what you’re talking about.

  • Neckbeard

    This was never going to be a good movie, that was clear from the start. The casting of Osama Bin Affleck and Gal Gadot still managed to lower my expectations somehow. Honestly at this point they could have been teaming up to battle the Teletubbies at the end of the trailer and it wouldn’t make the movie look any worse.

    • Gadriel

      I assume you’re more of a Marvel fanboy then……

      *****chortles cheekily to oneself, while waiting for the war to begin!*******


  • Mr. Dry

    As the geek I am I want to love this and don’t be a bitch about it, but HELL! Somehow this looks incredibly dumb. It’s like they trying so hard to be over the top and epic that the whole thing feels exaggerated and annoying. I hope the movie ends up being good anyways.

    • Richter Belmont

      So, it’s basically like every superhero film ever made.

      Seriously though, this news does not belong on a horror site.

  • brewers_rule

    Classic case of blowing their load with every trailer and confirming almost everything that’s leaked about the plot lines already about the film. I saw one site comparing Doomsday to an actual CGI pile of poop which is comical. I’m not going to continue piling on the film but I’m making my redbox reservation as I type.

  • Chad Crissman

    I needed to watch the Civil War trailer to wash out the bad taste this trailer left in my mouth

    • J Smith

      No one cares

      • Golic

        seriously, no one cares.

      • Mike

        I care.

  • the usual suspect

    Batman’s voice wow! This movie is going to rock

  • Dave


  • Anthony DeRouen

    I visit Bloody Disgusting for horror news, not cheesy comic book fluff like Batman vs Super man. Please do not post garbage like this again.

    • Batmanfanboy

      What a retard crybaby. If you don’t care about Batman vs Superman you might as well go kill yourself.

  • Grimphantom

    When Jesse Eisenberg was all “Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne” you don’t want to fight this guy……….oh boy, that’s probably one of the worst cheesy lines i heard since Batman and Robin…

    • Robert a Bb

      that’s almost as bad as Arnold’s CHILL when he was Mr. freeze. im not looking forward to jesse as lex. now my friend said he is playing lex jr. like lex luthors son. is that true or was he messing with me cause i always thought he was playing lex luthor himself not his son.

      • THGrimm

        It is true and was revealed in a fake interview with Lex Luthor aka Jesse Eisenberg in Empire magazine.

        • Robert a Bb

          1 thing i don’
          t like is with this mans take on lex it just looks like someone hocked up on a lot of red bulls lol. i mean ill give the man a chance lets see how he does. but i did really like kevin spacy or however his name is spelled take on lex

  • Disappointed with Doomsday. They should not have revealed him in the trailer and the film seems it is going to be a big CGI fest. I personally loved Man of Steel but this one looks meh. And still Ben Affleck does not look believable as Batman. Sure I was raging when Ledger was cast as the Joker but when I saw the official trailer of the Dark Knight, his moves and mannerisms blew me away. Here Affleck looks meh especially in that costume.

    • Robert a Bb

      sad thing is it looks like its going to be a terrible end of the movie part. where lex is sick of dealing with batman and he unleashes doomsday. and itll be another 5 minute fucking battle and poof end of the movie. id like it to be in the middle of the movie where they are trying to find a way to beat doomsday. they have to back up and regroup then they come back in for the final fight. and now with wonder woman popping up out of no where and just joining the fight. i might be wrong but i always thought at the beginning wonder woman HATED ALL MEN. till she got to know people like superman and batman and how not all men are assholes. i might be 100% wrong on that tho. but did she ever just introduce herself into a battle with other men just to HELP. well did she ever do that when they first introduced her is what I’m trying to figure out.

    • Gadriel

      At least they haven’t revealed that Doomsday is actually a Terminator.

      • John

        Haha fuck that movie

  • G.A. McGillivray

    I like that they show Bruce Wayne – what he was doing at the end of the Man Of Steel movie when the city was getting pulverized… I’m sure they will tie that in obviously to his dislike of Superman…

  • Df

    If it weren’t for jeremy irons cool voice in the background I’d have nothing to like about the trailer. It just looked boring to me. Course I don’t care for zak snyder, although dawn of the dead was an entertaining movie even if it was shallow. The whole doomsday thing looked boring though with all the cgi and looked like just another strong generic monster thrown in just to get punched a lot. And that scene with clark, Bruce and lex was just cringe worthy at how awful it was. I was hoping for more but I didn’t expect it. It looks like just another big budget snooze fest summer action flick that relies more on effects and the brand name tacked on it than anything else. At least the big budget summer marvel action fests are entertaining and have their own feel about them and with a new guardians of the galaxy and Dr strange on the way I am very excited. Although age of ultron was a little boring.

  • I’m not going to bitch and complain about this movie until I go watch it and have experienced it. Some on here need to get a life and quit being such Debbie Downers! If I actually gave a shit about most of the opinions put on this site and many others I would never try and experience any movie ever.

    • So you have never seen a trailer for a movie and had any sort of opinion on it, good or bad? Because if you have you’re contradicting yourself.

      • Not a contradiction. I never base if a movie will be good or bad per the trailer. I watch the full movie and then I choose to like it or hate it.

        • When a movie *looks* good or bad, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will actually be good or bad. I think you’re overlooking that distinction.

  • Brett Wolfe

    I’m sorry, you just put up a picture of the turtle monster from Ninja Turtles 2, not Doomsday. I’m sure you regret the error.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    … I can understand why they’d use Doomsday. Although, couldn’t they have a little mystery around what he looked like? Revealing what we’re getting so early off is just bad marketing. Especially if the design is a little boring…

  • Jonathan Larsson

    I do like Wonderwoman´s design in this movie.
    But otherwise, I am skeptical. I don’t really like Cavill as Superman. Affleck is a good actor, he could be decent. Then again, like with Daredevil, he might be bad if the writing is bad. Lex I am… uncertain of. Initially I thought he was too young looking. Now that I see what direction they’re going for, I don’t know. Turning Lex Luthor into a Steve Jobs-esque character is clever and inventive, but I am afraid that they’re gonna take the Gene Hackman-route and make him too over the top.

  • Firefly15

    Awful trailer. Tone was all over the place. Doomsday looks like a crackhead ninja turtle. Jesse Eisenberg is horribly miscast. Showed way too much as well.

    • aNYagenda

      “…looks like a crackhead ninja turtle…”


      It kinda does.

      I wouldn’t leave any money or valuables around where that doomsday could see them.

  • aNYagenda

    They’re just trying to throw everything in this movie and its coming off a little desperate.

    • Bernie Bunuan

      I’d rather say it’s a ‘hackjob’ but ‘desperate’ sounds okay.

  • Bernie Bunuan

    It’s like a joke, or a WB nightmare. The story is really Daffy Duck vs. Bugs Bunny with Elmer Fudd playing them both against each other.

  • THGrimm

    Though I think they may have shown a bit much, I’m still excited for this movie; even more so now. I really think everyone is going to do a great job and I like how Jesse Eisenberg brings some comic relief. Not what I typically expect of Lex Luthor and that’s what I like about it! Plus he is Lex Jr. so let him have his own take. I don’t see what’s wrong with playing up an actor’s strengths.

  • Darnell

    I was really pumped. The tone seemed really great in the first two trailers. This last one seemed all over the place in terms of ton. It was all dark and serious then the ending felt like a 80s buddy cop preview.

    I will be seeing it regardless. I was a far bigger DC fan as a kid compared to Marvel, and I can’t pass up seeing Superman and Batman in the same movie on top of the added bonus of Wonder Woman.

    However i am not a Zack Synder fan. I didn’t care for his take on Superman in MoS (even though I didn’t really hate the film).

    Time will tell..


    Casting sucks! I’ll watch it on Netflix!

  • John

    Fucker does look like a cave troll but I suspect this is an early evolution of Doomsday.

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