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‘Scream: The Movie: The Ads’ Counts All Ad Placements

How many times have you watched a movie and there are moments where you go, “Oh, c’mon! I know you put that in there just for the brand!” Well, sometimes that’s far more prevalent than you realize. In fact, there are ad placements in scenes you wouldn’t even believe!

To prove this, Couch Tomato have taken Wes Craven’s 1996 iconic meta slasher Scream and created a video that acts almost like a faux commercial for all the various product placements contained within.

They spotted 29 times that a specific product or title was mentioned but do you think they are right? Were some of them too nitpicky or did they actually miss a few? Check it out and let us know your thoughts!



  • some of them are just ridiculous points. So I guess they should use a fictional brand of cars – that the name can be seen literally for less than a microsecond. Same people have so much free time in their hands

  • wehoaks

    This is so fucking stupid.

  • Vader the White

    So am I the only one who realized that this wasn’t anything close to an intentional look at brands in films but was one big joke? Not the best executed, but it made me smile.

  • REC03

    i didn’t laugh tbh. also im not laughing at having to hit comment every time i want to read them. the new site design is not good.

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