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Have You Accepted Our Lord and Savior ‘God-zilla’ Into Your Heart?

There’s been a lot of love given to Godzilla these past few years. On top of an American remake that’s getting a sequel, original rights owner Toho is currently working on the 29th entry that sounds pretty damn insane. And who can blame them for venturing down this path? I mean, Godzilla is a pretty exciting franchise that promises tons of destruction and loads of kaiju action.

But one question that I don’t really recall coming up in the films – and it could be because there are so many and I haven’t seen the majority in a long time – is how fanatical people might view the titular creature.

Enter Funny or Die and their parody skit about two guys preaching the word of the giant lizard for the betterment of humanity…and to make a few quick bucks.

Give it a watch below and tell us if you think this ranks as “Funny” or “Die” in the comments!

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  • Adaaification

    Awesome. For his fans he is now a long time kind of a religion. This makes it official in a very funny way 😉

  • James Allard

    A couple of missed opportunities but overall pretty damn funny.

  • brewers_rule

    Hmmmm, now that you mention it, a Godzilla vs Flying Spaghetti Monster god-off film COULD make some serious coin both with the Godzilla fans and atheists I’ve heard are FSM fans. [Insert major bank made fist bump here]

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