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[Video] 5 Reasons You Need to Binge “The Exorcist” Right Now!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but we’ve reached a point where there’s almost too much great horror TV to choose from. Between “Ash vs Evil Dead”, “Scream” and “The Walking Dead”, horror fans have it pretty good. There’s one show that’s being looked over, though and at this point I’m confident in saying that it’s one of the best of them all – “The Exorcist.”

The show’s painfully formulaic first episode coupled with the fact that it airs on Fridays isn’t doing it any favors, but I’ve taken the time every week to watch it with my parents’ cable login online, and each episode has improved on the last markedly. There’s great twists, awesomely disturbing moments featuring insects (and of course vomit) and a genuine care for the original film that most modern re-imaginings wouldn’t take a second to think about.

I could go on all day here, but I already made a video with five of the biggest reasons you need to binge FOX’s “The Exorcist” as soon as possible. You can watch it below.



  • Vincent Kane

    Yaasss! Storytelling and acting is great even though you can’t see much emotions out of Geena’s face. The biggest problem I have though is the use of CGI. It just ruins some of the scares imo. Practical effects would send this show over the top.

    • Yeah agreed. TBH though they’re pretty light on CGI which is nice.

      • Vincent Kane

        Yea there is not a ton but the couple times its been used has ruined the scare factor. Example of when the mom answers the phone to hear the demons voice and she turns around to see kacie’s face. Its should have been a scare jump moment but the CGI killed it.

  • J Jett

    i agree this show is great (for the most part). DEFINITELY worth checking out from horror fans. 🙂

  • Otterlee

    We’re enjoying it a great deal. Amazing for a network show!

  • Richter Belmont

    Replace Scream with Salem or Bates Motel, otherwise I agree with you about The Exorcist.

    Scream sucks!

  • chris hayes

    Agreed with you vid great show….

  • Stoibs

    Sorry. People are just wrong about this show. There is like a half a good show in here, but this has been a huge disappointment for me.

  • Davidaja

    Yeah, I initially wasn’t even going to bother with this one, but it’s definitely become the surprise show of the year for me, same way “Hannibal” was a few years ago…

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