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[Video] Every Kill from the ‘JAWS’ Franchise!

Nineteen humans and five sharks died in the Jaws franchise.

It all began with an unlucky young woman who went for a late-night swim on Amity Island. The very first scene in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is perhaps the most iconic and horrifying opening sequence in the genre’s history, setting the stage for a masterpiece that has been making audiences terrified of the water ever since its release in 1975.

The sequels, well, they’re not quite as good. Three films came in the wake of Spielberg’s Jaws, and JoBlo’s latest video in their “Kill Counter” series highlights the gory mayhem in each of the series’ four installments. Between Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3D and Jaws: The Revenge, we got no shortage of shark attack scenes that range from deeply terrifying to unintentionally humorous.

One of my personal favorites? There’s a scene in Jaws 3D wherein a diver is eaten alive by the shark. It’s mostly filmed from INSIDE the shark’s mouth, and it’s pretty damn inspired. Other favorites include the estuary attack scene from Jaws, which is downright bone chilling, and of course, Quint’s last stand in the original classic.

Check out EVERY Jaws franchise kill scene below!



  • Judge Satchmo

    Ah, but kill count forgets, as do so many others, there were two men on Ben Gardners boat. Thus the kill count is deficient by one.

    • BrundleFlyLives

      Gardner’s first mate was on board
      when the boat was attacked, was initially listed as missing, but was
      later found by deputy Hendricks curled under a table at a local island
      bar, soaked in boat fuel, and whiskey.

      • Judge Satchmo

        I would more readily believe that the dog survives then Ben Gardners first mate. The Jaws Wiki had me curious however so I decided to check into it. The author states that while some of what is posted there is based on fact, a good portion is meant only in fun.

        Perhaps it’s just the cynic in me, but I believe the first mate is fish food.

      • Saltoner

        I wanna see that sequel.

    • Saltoner

      Hawkeye! Or Hawkear…

  • Evan3

    It’s funny that you never see the Jaws kills on “best kills” lists, they are incredibly well done. I guess because we don’t really think of Jaws as a horror fan. It’s also kind of trippy to remember a time when Spielberg was willing to kill children.

    • Saltoner

      Killing children. The good ‘ol days of filmmaking. Like when del Toro did it in Mimic!

  • Saltoner

    If you’re counting sharks, but what Pippen the dog?

  • Christopher Nickerson

    What movie is the scene in the article headline picture from?

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