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[Video] Five Awesome Movies to Stream for Summer!



One of my favorite things to do when summer rolls around is to crack open the windows, grab my favorite beer (this year it’s 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon) and have a good ol’ fashioned horror movie marathon.

One of the best things about horror movies is that if you’re looking for a certain niche, like say horror movies to watch during the Summer, you usually won’t have to look too far for something great. I decided to check out all my favorite streaming services and build up a list of five movies you can stream when things heat up.

Instead of highlighting movies you’ve almost definitely already seen like The Burning, Sleepaway Camp, Jaws and Friday the 13th, I tried to dig a little deeper and find movies a that you either may not have seen or might have forgotten about. Whether it’s Pirhanna 3D or The Last Exorcism, I’m sure there’s something on here for everyone.