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Hilarious Video Blends ‘Friday the 13th’ Films and Video Game



It’s Friday the 13th: The Game… in real life!

The developers of Friday the 13th: The Game managed to capture the feeling and overall execution of the Friday the 13th films so perfectly that it honestly feels like a lost sequel from the ’80s… one that happens to star YOU. Playing the game feels like watching the movies, and watching the movies now feels like, well, playing the game!

I’ve been revisiting the Friday the 13th films in the wake of logging countless hours in the video game’s world, and I’ve found myself watching them with a fresh set of eyes. I can’t help but imagine the movie characters as video game characters, yelling at the screen for them to tap the right buttons in order to evade Jason and make it out of Camp Crystal Lake alive.

And it seems I’m not the only one, as YouTuber PsychoFilms has just taken it upon himself to mesh together the Friday the 13th movies and video game in the way I had been imagining in my head. He took various clips from the movies and added the game’s sounds and on-screen prompts over top of them, making for a fun video that perfectly reflects how much the game has changed the experience of watching the films.

Gain +500 XP by watching the video below!


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