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[Video] Top 10 Episodes of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” for its 25th Anniversary

I still can’t believe this was in a show made for kids.”

While it may have premiered in Canada in 1990, it wasn’t until the summer of 1992 that Nickelodeon picked up and began airing anthology series “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”. From August 15, 1992 through April 20, 1996, a total of 91 episodes aired across 7 seasons as part of the network’s SNICK block, imparting nightmares on countless ’90s kids along the way.

Hey wait. That means “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” just turned 25!!

Each episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” featured a new horror tale that was submitted for approval by the Midnight Society, a group of scary story-loving friends who gathered around a fire to spook each other out. And though the show may have been made for younger viewers, it was home to some pretty nightmarish imagery over the years.

Two words: Pool. Monster.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary, YouTuber Heather Knows Horror spotlights the best (and scariest) “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” episodes of them all!



  • The chicken man

    It may have been cheesy, but this was always up there with Tales from the crypt for me. One of my all time favorite shows, to this day.

    • ky

      I wonder if you are in the same age range as I am (30), because I feel the exact same way. I was probably too young to be watching TFTC at that age, but I did anyways and I loved it. The intro always got my blood pumping and heart racing for what was to come…Still one of my all time favorite intros. At the same time, I was an avid Nick fan, and nothing was better than AYAOTD. Except maybe All That…man I loved that show. Side note, it was around this same time frame that I got hooked on the new version of The Outer Limits…there were some great episodes in there as well.

      • The chicken man

        I’m 37. I totally agree about the intro, just hearing it start makes me smile.

      • jsmoltz29

        34 here and my favorite childhood TV memories were all nickelodeon related (Ren and Stimpy and Roccos Modern Life still get screen time for me to this day), but staying up to watch AYAOTD on Snick Saturday nights were my absolute favorites.

  • DJV1985

    These are the types of shows you’d never see made for kids of this generation. No one under the age of about 11 would be allowed to watch these today. Hell I couldn’t imagine them being made at all because of the climate we live in. It’s a shame that over here (uk) we rarely see these replayed anymore.

    • Tan Shearer

      They’re too busy watching porn on their iPhones now.

  • Necro

    As much as I loved this show I had no idea it came out on my birthday!

    • Andy Frolis

      Happy birthday then?

      • Necro

        Hey Thanks Andy! I appreciate that

  • scream4ever

    I made the mistake of watching Dead Man’s Float on my first time being home alone at night.

    I also would’ve included The Tale of the Night Shift and The Tale of the Chamealeons.

  • jsmoltz29

    No fear soup? No Beezo the clown???

  • Nozomi

    I loved this show. This, Goosebumps, and Wishbone were my favorites as a kid.

    • Shellraiser

      Major props on dropping Wishbone in there.

  • Ginchy

    I forgot the episode name but the one where that trashbag looking monster would come out of the child’s wall in the middle of the night used to keep me awake at night. I was only like 5 or 6 but that one terrified me. I would still watch it every time it came on though because yolo.

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