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Kill of the Week: Death By Wine Bottle in ‘Sorority Row’

Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

From around 2006 to 2009, seemingly every successful slasher movie from the ’70s and ’80s was finding itself on the remake chopping block. That three-year span saw the release of countless slasher remakes, including Black Christmas, My Bloody Valentine, When a Stranger Calls, Halloween, Prom Night and Friday the 13th.

Among them was Sorority Row, a 2009 remake of the 1983 slasher The House on Sorority Row. The lack of name recognition for the original film no doubt contributed to director Stewart Hendler’s remake failing to make much of a mark at the box office, but he nevertheless brought to the screen a pretty damn fun slasher flick.

In his defense of Sorority Row, published here on BD back in 2014, Trace perfectly described the slasher remake as a mix between Mean Girls and Scream. The female-led slasher certainly didn’t take the sub-genre down any new paths, but fun characters, cool kills and a shotgun-toting Carrie Fisher earned it high marks in my book.

The most memorable maiming in Sorority Row takes place in a therapist’s office. The character Chugs Bradley lives up to her name when she lies down on a couch and chugs down a bottle of white wine. But the drink proves to be her last, as the killer comes up behind her and, well, this is where things get really unique.

After jamming the bottle deep down Chugs’ throat, the killer then slices her throat. Blood spurts up into the bottle, the end of which is sticking out of her mouth.

Like the film or not, you’ve gotta give this kill points for creativity!



  • Travis

    I don’t understand the hate for this film! It had everything a good slasher should. No, it didn’t break any barriers. But it had creative kills, a badass weapon, and likeable characters. Sure the killers identity was pretty damn predictable but it was such a good time, pop corn horror slasher nonetheless.

    • Simon Allen

      I thought that the retrospective view was that most people liked it a lot and thought it was sorely underrated .

      • James Allard

        It was a film for fans, and for reasons beyond my ken, it didn’t resound with the people for which it was aimed.

    • J Jett

      Travis, i agree w/ you. i love this movie. if i remember correctly, it was barely promoted where i live (Pacific NW) which drastically hurt it’s box office (not that it would ever have been a huge money maker).

    • Oh see I DON’T think the killer’s identity is predictable at all! That’s one of the things I love about it. I legit thought they were going to go the obvious route and have it be (SPOILERS)
      Leah Pipes’ boyfriend. So when it was revealed that he was in fact nutso but NOT the killer, I was legitimately happy.

      • Necro

        That was the kid whose dad was a governor or some sort of politician right? He accuses her of being a power whore if I’m remembering it correctly.

        • Travis

          Yes. I guess he was just wacko?

          • J Jett

            yeah, but he was a cute/hot psycho so it’s ok! 🙂

          • Travis


          • Yeah he was just a crazy person that happened to also be in the cast, but he wasn’t the actual killer. I appreciated the bait-and-switch.

      • Travis

        When he “left” for his parents was when I knew he was the one. It was all too convenient. And plus with its similarities to scream, I was almost positive it was gonna be a billy loomis type deal.

        • Ahhhh gotcha. That makes sense. I guess when I saw it my expectations were so low that I assumed it was going to go the obvious route and make it the senator’s son. Either way, I remember being surprised by the reveal AND surprised at how good (and funny!) the movie was. I will never not laugh at the “Oh my God it’s Megan!” “Oh she looks terrible.” exchange when they find the corpse in the bathtub. XD

  • Biscoito18

    A personalized death scene. She died doing the two things she liked best: drinking and deep-throating. I cheered during this scene. I hated that bitch.

  • Kyle Ord

    It’s a good one

    And I enjoy the movie alot

  • I love this movie!

  • Jay Bennett

    Pretty fun movie, found myself rooting for the kiler the whole time though

    • John Squires

      Usually the way it goes with slashers!

  • Necro

    My favorite sub-genre of course ( just barely ahead of ‘body’ Horror)! This one was good IMO. Some of the female characters were annoying, but I’ve sat through worse. This kill was fucking brutal and off the beaten path! My personal favorite is the murder weapon itself, now that’s a tire iron I’d like to have!

    • J Jett

      totally! the suped up tire iron thing was a really cool weapon!

      • Necro

        Hell yeah it was!

  • Munchie

    That wine wasn’t all I was hoping she’d chug. *hyuck hyuck hyuck*

  • Elizabeth

    Oh, kickass. I didn’t know Carrie Fisher was in this. I’ll have to check it out.

    • J Jett

      Carrie is a lot of fun in the film! the character she plays is badass!

      • Elizabeth

        Awesome. I liked her in just about everything she did.

  • Kyle Cole

    Pretty damn good slasher flick. I love the original and how they took this one in a different direction was a nice touch as well.

  • J Jett

    i love this movie! i saw it in theaters on day 1 and i was one of maybe 5 people in the entire theater! lol. but yeah, it’s a fun gorgeously shot slasher flick that knows it’s only trying to be a fun gorgeously shot slasher flick with a really good cast.

    • James Allard

      That is about it in a nutshell… a well shot film, decent/excellent cast and … that is what it wanted to be.

  • HeteroFriendly

    I dont know,
    that mostly just looks kinda pervy.

    • Mr. Dry

      Like pretty much all of the death sequences from this film.

  • Mr. Dry

    I love how they managed to make almost every death like a fellatio reference. Freud would be proud.

    • Chip

      I kinda got the impression it was less fetishistic and more a metaphor for keeping a secret.

      • Whatever the subtext is, I’m shocked I didn’t realize it before. Nearly every death involves something going into one of the girl’s mouths. XD

  • lonestarr357

    Much as I love this movie, that part made me cringe.

  • J Jett

    *****HELP! HELP!
    are the ads on this site now blocking access to seeing comments in the comments sections for anyone other than me? I’ve used both Firefox as well as Internet Explorer and on both the ads that are in the middle of the screen towards the bottom of the comments sections completely block several comments. is there any way to rectify this??

    • Munchie

      Happens to me all the time. One of the writers the other day commented to someone that it was ‘a glitch that’s been fixed’ but clearly that’s not the case.

      • Munchie

        oh, and for your smartasses that feel the need to say so, there’s no decent ad block for use on an ipad other than the ad block browser, which sucks. plus, i shouldn’t HAVE to use an ad blocker in order to see a site properly.

        • J Jett

          i agree 100%. ad blocker seems to mess with my computer/browser.

      • J Jett

        thanx Munchie! 🙂

  • Juicyfruit

    The original film is one of my fave 80s slashers, well worth checking out if you haven’t seen it.

  • This movie is awesome! My favorite slasher probably from the 2000s, so funny and gory, the cast is also awesome, the more i watch the more i love the characters Jessica & Ellie

  • Mr. Screamer

    I love Sorority Row, I wish they made a sequel.

  • Meatwad

    This was a fun slasher movie and I loved this part.

    Anyone remember VALENTINE? Kinda similar I dunno been awhile.

  • JustinWatchingTV

    I loved Chugs!!!!

  • Graham

    Sorority Row’s main problem was coming out amidst a slew of other slasher remakes, leading many to write it off for that reason alone. But in my opinion, it’s actually almost (if not THE) closest any film has come to capturing the spirit of the 80s slasher boom since that time.

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