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[Video] Every Reference to Stephen King’s ‘IT’ in Movies & TV

Why is everyone so afraid of clowns? Well, it’s easy to point the finger at Stephen King.

Like many of King’s stories, IT has become firmly ingrained in popular culture since being published back in 1986. And if the novel didn’t make an entire generation terrified of clowns, then the 1990 mini-series adaptation sure did.

Tim Curry’s portrayal of the killer clown ensured that Pennywise would forever be pop culture nightmare fuel, and Bill Skarsgård’s performance in this year’s IT looks to accomplish much the same goal.

Pennywise, I suppose you could say, is *THE* scary clown.

Thanks to his iconic status, Pennywise has been referenced in countless movies and television shows over the years, ranging from the recent “Stranger Things” to “Saturday Night Live,” “Cheers” and The Cabin in the Woods.

One fan just put them all together for a fun supercut video.



  • Dave

    just because it has a clown doesn’t make it a reference to IT. some of these are a stretch

    • YeerkOnTheBrain

      Fun, but yep.

    • Bla Blah

      Shut up, Dave.

    • coopercollinstheseries

      fun but not happy the creepy clown craze is finally banned from school>:]
      N I C E >:]

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