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Interesting Video Examines the Uncommon Storytelling of ‘Ghostbusters’



What is Ghostbusters actually about? Nothing at all, this video suggests.

The latest video from YouTube’s Patrick Willems may initially seem to be an attack on the original Ghostbusters, one of the most beloved movies of all time. Titled “Ghostbusters: A Movie About Nothing,” the video does indeed shine the spotlight on the film’s overall flaws – weirdly enough, however, it’s a very positive look at the movie.

In Patrick’s eyes, Ghostbusters succeeds at being a great movie despite, well, possessing very few of the qualities that are inherent to great movies. As much as he loves Ghostbusters, calling it one of his all-time favorites, Patrick noticed at some point that the 1984 classic isn’t really about anything at all. There are no themes, he believes, and none of the characters ever experience anything resembling a traditional arc.

And yet, Patrick says…

“It works so well despite containing what would usually be considered major debilitating flaws.”

Patrick goes on to note that Ghostbusters 2 *does* follow traditional storytelling formulas, which is interesting because the first film is far superior to the dull sequel.

Proof that breaking the rules sometimes makes for the best art, eh?


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