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Fan Trailer Brings Together Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers for Epic Battle

The next chapter in the Slasher Universe…

With our favorite superheros coming together on the big screen left and right, it’s kind of hard not to be bummed about our favorite horror villains not getting the same treatment. There’s an incredible amount of potential in a “shared slashers universe,” so to speak, but the problem is that the franchises are all owned by different studios.

But hey, at least we actually got Freddy vs. Jason, right? That was a total miracle.

Which other horror icon vs. horror icon battles would you like to see? How about Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers? That’s the concept behind Stryder HD‘s latest faux trailer, which mashes together clips from the Friday the 13th and Halloween films to make it appear as if they’re bleeding into one another.

Smartly, the video also uses clips from Trent Duncan’s Jason vs. Michael fan film.




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