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[Video] All the New Horror Movies and TV Shows Coming in October!

If you’re looking for stuff to watch this October, this video is essential.

As we recently laid out for you, the Halloween season we’re currently in the midst of is one of the best in most of our lifetimes. As we head into October, we’ve already been treated to films such as IT, mother! and The Houses October Built 2, along with the returns of “Channel Zero” and “American Horror Story.”

And we’re just getting started.

October 2017 is absolutely LOADED with horror on screens both big and small. Cult of Chucky, Leatherface and Jigsaw are just a small handful of the films that will lead us right into Halloween, and then there’s of course the new seasons of both “Stranger Things” and “The Walking Dead.”

This video put together by YouTube’s thetabitha1996 quickly runs through nearly all of October’s new releases, only leaving out a select few titles like the aforementioned eighth season of “The Walking Dead” (October 22) and Creep 2 (October 24).

Otherwise, they’re pretty much all here!



  • Jay Bennett

    Did something like this on my youtube, still odd how Better Watch Out is being released next month, but adding all the TV shows its shaping up to be a pretty good Halloween.

  • Wes Draven

    Looks like Hellraiser: Judgment has quietly disappeared.

    • Jay Bennett

      Ive heard the studio are holding it for some reason, might be down to how the 30th anniversary does, was expecting it by now though.

      • Wes Draven

        Odd. I mean, I didn’t expect it to be a classic by any stretch, but I was looking forward to it. Maybe the signs that they’re saving it is a sign that they want to do more marketing for it. A sign of faith, eh?

        • Jay Bennett

          I like the concept and anything has to be better than Hellraiser 9 (forgive me I cant even remember the name), hoping its worth the wait!

          • Wes Draven

            Thing is, I know everyone hates Hellraiser: Revelations. And, by no means, do I think it was a good film. I think I might very well have enjoyed it more than some of the other later ones, like Hellseeker or Deader.

        • I am hearing from certain circles that the film was much better than the studio was expecting and they are considering some sort of theatrical release. However, that isn’t confirmed. As for the lack of marketing, we have a partial explanation – The director said back in 2016 “It seems to me that any images or fodder given out in good faith are kinda twisted around – usually to the negative – so the best response really is the film itself I suppose.” Of course, this doesn’t explain why the film still doesn’t have a release date or trailer, especially when the director’s website has said “Official release information coming soon…” for months now.

          They’ll release it eventually. If they don’t, Dimension Films will lose the rights like they did Halloween. Oddly enough, I’m actually excited for this film from everything I’ve been seeing and hearing from it.

    • bigval

      You should check out that fantastic podcast interview the director of Hellraiser: Judgment Gary J. Tunnicliffe did, his stories on working with Clive Barker were hilarious.

  • Travis_Bickle

    I wish they would stop trying to make Creep 2 happen. Give up!

  • Noah Garcia

    Gotta bookmark this

  • Turboguard

    Jesus, who cut that together?! Almost died watching it.

  • So there’s some footage of The Babysitter available?
    Anyway this October’s gonna be dope

  • Elizabeth

    I’m super excited about Better Watch Out, Tragedy Girls and Stranger Things. But holy crap, I watched the first episode of Channel Zero: No End House and it was awful. Like, truly terrible.

  • Mike Lawrence

    One of the best Sept/Oct schedules in years!! Loving it.

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